Calibration Plates to be Used With Test Method 563

Improve your image analysis testing capabilities with the new Calibration Plates for use with T 563, "Equivalent Black Area (EBA) and Count of Visible Dirt in Pulp, Paper, and Paperboard by Image Analysis." Use of image analysis equipment provides a more accurate dirt count than the visual method using the TAPPI Dirt Chart. TAPPI Calibration Plates can be used with either camera-based or scanner-based instruments. A set of calibration plates contains 4 separate plates in a 5"x6" black vinyl pouch. These plates meet the specifications described in Appendix A.2 of T 563.

TAPPI Calibration Plates are inspected and measured at the PAPRICAN laboratory. The sizes of the dots are precise and within specifications, however, the grayness of the 16 dots may be lighter than the grayness of the square at the edge of the plates. If the reflectance value of the square is used for the dots, then this may result in an over-estimation of the equivalent black area (EBA) ppm. Correction factors for dealing with the print density variance are included with each set.

A copy of the Test Method is included in the price.

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