The Ultimate Roll and Web Defect Troubleshooting Guide


Author R. Duane Smith 

The Ultimate Roll and Web Defect Troubleshooting Guide is an updated and expanded version of The Roll and Web Defect Terminology – 2nd Edition. This new edition has allowed updating and expanding on defects commonly found in paper and paperboard products and in the production and converting of nonwovens, films and laminations.

The Ultimate Roll and Web Defect Troubleshooting Guide includes a glossary of over 3,000 terms commonly used in the paper formation, polymer extrusion, coating and converting industries. This glossary is the most extensive list of terms that has ever been compiled for these industries.

A valuable feature of this reference tool is the chapter introductions written by the chapter champions. These include troubleshooting and problem-solving information, plus flow charts for the edge defect category. Following the cause-and- effect logic can help you look for similar happenings in your own process, and uncover the reasons behind a troubling production problem.

This is a “must -have” communication tool for suppliers and their customers to assist in the identification and elimination of roll and web defects. This industry resource was written and edited by 22 industry experts with more than 500 years of web-handling and winding experience, along with 16 contributing editors. The book is broken into ten chapters which include chapters on:

  • Roll Defects – General Defects, Web Profile Defects, Edge Defects and Wrinkling Defects
  • Web Defects – Papermaking Defects, Calendering Defects, Coating Defects, Film Extrusion and Lamination Defects, Web Handling Defects and Slitting Defects

Each of the 224 defects has concise information which provides:

  • A description of the defect
  • An illustration of the defect
  • The synonyms or “Also Known As” terms commonly used
  • Cross references for these synonyms in index
  • Common causes of the defect
  • Common remedies of the defect
  • Other sources of information published on the defect

The Roll and Web Defect Terminology book has received international recognition by web producing and converting industry experts as the most comprehensive reference guide available for troubleshooting roll and web defects. Quotes from industry experts that use this book include:

  • “This is a must have communication tool for suppliers and their customers to assist in the identification and elimination of roll and web defects.”
  • “This book is not just a dictionary on defects, but also gives practical and logical advice on what the cause of the problem is and how to stop it.”

The name of the new version was changed to The Ultimate Roll and Web Troubleshooting Guide to better reflect the usefulness of this tool.

The Ultimate Roll and Web Defect Troubleshooting Guide can also be purchased as a E-book or Bundle .

A portion of the proceeds of the sales of The Ultimate Roll and Web Troubleshooting Guide go to the PLACE Scholarship Fund.

Member: $159 List: $240

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