Extrusion Coating Manual, Fifth Edition


This completely revised and updated fifth edition manual is the culmination of years of work by more than 50 well known industry experts from around the world and contains 56 sections within seven chapters. This NEW, fifth edition represents a dramatic modernization in technology over the previous fourth edition, published in 1998, with an additional 17 contributors and 20 more sections. 

Since the fourth edition, advances in computer design and machining, resin technology, and coextrusion technology have all advanced to the point that extrusion coating and laminating now compete with traditional rigid materials in many packaging markets. 

These advances have resulted in: 
Increased productivity
Reduced waste 
More product options available to the industry and the consumer 

The fifth edition reviews as many practical aspects of the process, materials, equipment, and products as possible in one concise manual. The goal of this hands-on, training manual is to convey sufficient knowledge to the engineer, technician, operator or manager to understand the aspects of the extrusion coating process.

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                                                       EXTRUSION COATING MANUAL, 5TH EDITION




Warren Durling




Tom Bezigian

Jim Cooper

Thomas J. Dunn

Warren Durling

Kelly Frey

Brad Kramer

Jim Macnamara

Scott B. Marks

Martine Michon

Dorene Smith



Michael G. Baker Clarence Klassen

David J. Bentley, Jr. I-Hwa Lee

Thomas Bezigian Ron Lynch

Mustafa Bilgen Hector Marchand

Olivier Catherine Scott B. Marks

Gary D. Cheney Barry A. Morris

Andrew W. Christie Rajen M. Patel

Jim Cooper Lou Piffer

Joseph DiGiacomo Mark Plantier

Doug Dodrill David R. Roisum

Thomas J. Dunn Christine Ronaghan

Warren Durling Dave Rumson

Bruce Foster Guenter H. Schubert

Ronald H. Foster Fred M. Singer

Tom Gilbertson Duane Smith

Carl Gillig John Vansant (retired)

Jamie Glover Donato Ventresca

Andre Icso Beth M. Warren

Sam Iuliano Scott Weber

Gary D. Jerdee Gregory W. Welsch

Rory Wolf











A revision of Extrusion Coating Manual, 4th Edition  - published by TAPPI PRESS in 1999
A project of the International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion Division’s Product Resource Team

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Extrusion Coating Manual, Fifth Edition
Extrusion Coating Manual, Fifth Edition
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Author: Durling, Warren