Nano Science and Nano Materials: Synthesis, Manufacturing and Industry Impacts


Authors:  Wei-Hong Zhong and Bin Li,  Jo Anne Shatkin, Russell G. Maguire, Vivian T. Dang, Gwen M. Gross and Michael C. Richey

A comprehensive account of how nanomaterials are synthesized and processed, this book presents the theory and technology of introducing nano-based materials as value-added elements into product manufacturing. The book explains the fundamentals of vapor, liquid, solid phase, and biosystem-assisted nanoparticle syntheses, with sufficient analysis of each method to permit decisions on which is most productive, energy efficient and safe. The text then confronts the problems of scaling up from lab-based syntheses to manufacturing and demonstrates how nanomaterials on the shop floor require new protocols of quality assurance and employee and environmental protection. The book concludes with case studies of individuals who endeavored to commercialize nanotechnologies for higher-volume production.

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