Introduction to Nanaocomposite Materials, Properties, Processing, Characterization

Author: Thomas E. Twardowski 

A new textbook on nanocomposite materials
Designed for materials science and engineering students at all levels
Explains nanocomposites in the context of composite science and engineering

This new volume presents the basics of nanocomposite materials in the context of composite materials in general. The goal of the book is to help the student understand nanocomposites in an integrated way, informed by the foundational concepts of materials science. This is achieved through a systematic exposition of the chemical structure of polymer composites, and the ways matrices and reinforcements are produced. Additional emphasis is placed on methods of characterizing nanocomposites. Numerous formulas illustrate nanocomposite performance, processing, and evaluation.

Special features of the text include simple, inexpensive experiments, plus lucid reviews of basic materials chemistry and mathematical calculations, making the book especially beneficial for students of materials engineering at both introductory and advanced levels.

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