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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Roghi Kalan WardProfessional Member5/21/2024
Erica KopchaProfessional Member5/21/2024
Amy Stea-FabienProfessional Member5/21/2024
Jack E. DennisProfessional Member5/20/2024
Steven B. RobertsProfessional Member5/20/2024
Tess CrosettoProfessional Member5/20/2024
Cameron ThackerProfessional Member5/20/2024
Murat GulProfessional Member5/17/2024
Lu WangProfessional Member5/17/2024
Jonathan BrownProfessional Member5/17/2024
Olivia CarterProfessional Member5/17/2024
Luke OlsonProfessional Member5/16/2024
Irene DauzYoung Professional5/16/2024
Ariel StoppelProfessional Member5/16/2024
Maryam El HajamProfessional Member5/16/2024
Austin SolomonYoung Professional5/16/2024
Jim WoelferProfessional Member5/16/2024
Nick ReisnerProfessional Member5/16/2024
Brad SchultzProfessional Member5/16/2024
Cole Gerald MonkaProfessional Member5/15/2024
William C. TerryProfessional Member5/15/2024
Kacin WelchYoung Professional5/15/2024
Andy DouglasProfessional Member5/15/2024
David LittleProfessional Member5/13/2024
Ian KayYoung Professional5/10/2024
Horacio Garza OndarzaProfessional Member5/9/2024
Matthew KnuthProfessional Member5/9/2024
Daniel FoglioProfessional Member5/8/2024
George StevensonProfessional Member5/8/2024
Emily LedetProfessional Member5/7/2024
Udaya Nand Budhiram BijalwanProfessional Member5/7/2024
Rohail MajidProfessional Member5/7/2024
Robert (R.J.) J. NicholasStudent Member5/7/2024
Xiaojun DangProfessional Member5/7/2024
Michael KozlowskiProfessional Member5/7/2024
Juuso RantanenProfessional Member5/6/2024
Lisandra Vanessa Chacon OvallesProfessional Member5/6/2024
Justin BolwerkProfessional Member5/6/2024
Colleen O'DowdStudent Member5/6/2024
Kallie CyrYoung Professional5/6/2024
Daniel ColosimoYoung Professional5/3/2024
Hubert RzeszutekProfessional Member5/3/2024
Matt HussinProfessional Member5/3/2024
David MatthiasProfessional Member5/3/2024
Jayden ShawProfessional Member5/1/2024
Mark Jeffery Boyles, P.E.Professional Member5/1/2024
Steven LaddProfessional Member5/1/2024
Brock BrandnerProfessional Member5/1/2024
Belle NghiYoung Professional4/30/2024
Jaxon ArmstrongYoung Professional4/30/2024