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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Cemalettin EfeProfessional Member6/9/2023
Edward RoundyProfessional Member6/9/2023
Sarah L. OrayProfessional Member6/9/2023
Phil SorurbakhshProfessional Member6/8/2023
Sinai LeeProfessional Member6/7/2023
Shinichiro MaedaProfessional Member6/7/2023
Karen SmithProfessional Member6/7/2023
Blake BonfantiProfessional Member6/7/2023
Katelyn ReedProfessional Member6/7/2023
Eunji SeoProfessional Member6/7/2023
Sangcheol RhoProfessional Member6/7/2023
Sydney ChinYoung Professional6/7/2023
Marko HakovirtaProfessional Member6/5/2023
Justin ZearleyProfessional Member6/5/2023
Yessica Perez-SajcheYoung Professional6/2/2023
Loong-Yi TanProfessional Member6/2/2023
Jeong-Eun ParkProfessional Member6/1/2023
Mitchell WadeYoung Professional6/1/2023
Hale OguzluProfessional Member6/1/2023
Thuong NguyenProfessional Member6/1/2023
David AlgerYoung Professional6/1/2023
Frank B. FischerProfessional Member6/1/2023
Sarah SpenceYoung Professional5/31/2023
Michael A IsbanProfessional Member5/31/2023
Sean McKeownProfessional Member5/31/2023
Leonard BoothProfessional Member5/31/2023
Vladimir MartinezProfessional Member5/31/2023
Clay CutburthYoung Professional5/30/2023
Ryan BartlettProfessional Member5/30/2023
Kevin R. FordProfessional Member5/30/2023
Jason TuckerProfessional Member5/26/2023
 Professional Member5/25/2023
Bruce OvermanProfessional Member5/25/2023
Mark DonohooProfessional Member5/25/2023
Mike GehlProfessional Member5/24/2023
Natali E. TapiaStudent Member5/24/2023
Gregory HarmsProfessional Member5/23/2023
Jason BairdProfessional Member5/23/2023
Shannon VossProfessional Member5/23/2023
Kurt HammesfahrProfessional Member5/22/2023
Robert KellyProfessional Member5/19/2023
Brandon JochemProfessional Member5/19/2023
Ewa FryxellProfessional Member5/17/2023
David SheppertProfessional Member5/17/2023
Christian RodriguezProfessional Member5/17/2023
Kathleen CollinsProfessional Member5/17/2023
Drew GiemYoung Professional5/16/2023
Leonardo SimonProfessional Member5/15/2023
Christopher JohnsSustaining Corporate5/15/2023
Omolola Caroline KafiStudent Member5/15/2023