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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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William BlackwoodStudent Member9/16/2021
Austin BrownStudent Member9/16/2021
Camryn CallanderStudent Member9/16/2021
Grant GoelzStudent Member9/16/2021
Hannah RaffertyStudent Member9/16/2021
Bailey ReedStudent Member9/16/2021
Cade WannerStudent Member9/16/2021
Max GibbsStudent Member9/16/2021
Grayson HardyStudent Member9/16/2021
Asia HaynesStudent Member9/16/2021
Helene JohnstonStudent Member9/16/2021
Kaya KusmierczukStudent Member9/16/2021
Lucy PolzinStudent Member9/16/2021
Alexander PosenerStudent Member9/16/2021
Avari RectorStudent Member9/16/2021
Jacob SchoenStudent Member9/16/2021
Reilly SellersStudent Member9/16/2021
Mitchell SwicegoodStudent Member9/16/2021
Sam VansantStudent Member9/16/2021
Ruby AlbersStudent Member9/16/2021
Erin BrackenStudent Member9/16/2021
Luis GuardadoStudent Member9/16/2021
Brendan MarcyStudent Member9/16/2021
Nicholas RebolledoStudent Member9/16/2021
Alexis VoulgaropoulosStudent Member9/16/2021
Caroline YoungbloodStudent Member9/16/2021
Benen Edward TarpleyStudent Member9/16/2021
Alex FurlongYoung Professional9/16/2021
Nicholas BurrowsStudent Member9/16/2021
Robert MathewsStudent Member9/16/2021
Zneyah McLaughlinStudent Member9/16/2021
Samuel WebbStudent Member9/16/2021
John MaslarProfessional Member9/15/2021
John M. McWilliams, Jr.Professional Member9/15/2021
William (Skeet) K. KingProfessional Member9/15/2021
Earn SakornpanYoung Professional9/15/2021
Jeff PristeraProfessional Member9/15/2021
Sergio GiusteProfessional Member9/15/2021
Peter KellyStudent Member9/15/2021
Ashley PiccioliYoung Professional9/15/2021
Sara Akbarian-Tefaghi, PhDProfessional Member9/15/2021
Yishan KuangStudent Member9/14/2021
Saeed DavoodiStudent Member9/14/2021
Udita RinganiaStudent Member9/14/2021
Miguel Raziel Mendez AscencioYoung Professional9/14/2021
Miranda DiazProfessional Member9/14/2021
Rachel KaulProfessional Member9/14/2021
Rakibul Hasan Rakib, Jr.Student Member9/13/2021
Ethan FranoStudent Member9/10/2021
Daniel HurshStudent Member9/10/2021