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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Rajan VergheseProfessional Member6/15/2021
Terrance StewartProfessional Member6/15/2021
Yanwu ZhouProfessional Member6/14/2021
Mohammad TauhiduzzamanProfessional Member6/14/2021
Jacob WiedYoung Professional6/14/2021
Brian H. StormsProfessional Member6/14/2021
Andreas MautnerProfessional Member6/14/2021
Philip R. ArmstongProfessional Member6/14/2021
Shekhar Champalal Desarda, Sr.Professional Member6/14/2021
Sarah GreenYoung Professional6/13/2021
Ana Maria BerriosStudent Member6/11/2021
Islam HafezProfessional Member6/11/2021
Tyrus HamrickYoung Professional6/11/2021
Joseph TorresProfessional Member6/11/2021
Leandro P. GonzagaProfessional Member6/10/2021
Ryan SextonProfessional Member6/10/2021
Dan KrayenhagenProfessional Member6/9/2021
Krista KoljonenProfessional Member6/9/2021
Susan ShinallProfessional Member6/9/2021
Taylor DruckerYoung Professional6/9/2021
Jody BertholetProfessional Member6/8/2021
Ryan RobertsProfessional Member6/8/2021
Tim VanRavenswaayProfessional Member6/8/2021
Mario FrancoProfessional Member6/8/2021
Christopher VlugYoung Professional6/8/2021
Brianne BatesProfessional Member6/8/2021
Javeed AhmedProfessional Member6/8/2021
Tyler RobertsProfessional Member6/8/2021
Douglas Lloyd HoltProfessional Member6/8/2021
Jon LyonsYoung Professional6/8/2021
John BacotProfessional Member6/7/2021
Ryan BennettYoung Professional6/7/2021
Konark PatelYoung Professional6/7/2021
Gaytri SharmaProfessional Member6/7/2021
Troy MillerProfessional Member6/7/2021
Trent LivingstonProfessional Member6/7/2021
Ken KurucProfessional Member6/3/2021
Blake LingerfeltProfessional Member6/3/2021
Steve ReisingProfessional Member6/3/2021
Sophie McCabeStudent Member6/3/2021
Won KimProfessional Member6/3/2021
Keither ReynoldsProfessional Member6/3/2021
Alexis LloydProfessional Member6/2/2021
Jose FreireProfessional Member6/2/2021
Natasha Bush-PostellProfessional Member6/2/2021
Federico FerreiraProfessional Member6/2/2021
Eric NzukiYoung Professional6/2/2021
Enzo RobanoProfessional Member6/2/2021
Ignacio LopezProfessional Member6/2/2021
Jadana DonelyProfessional Member6/2/2021