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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Jake DowlandYoung Professional12/6/2019
LISA BURDICKProfessional Member12/6/2019
Allen GombossyYoung Professional12/6/2019
Davion MelvinStudent Member12/6/2019
Dan HintzeProfessional Member12/6/2019
Alain CicletProfessional Member12/6/2019
Frank PopolaYoung Professional12/6/2019
Brian GreenleesProfessional Member12/6/2019
Frances SchafferStudent Member12/6/2019
Rob CloutierYoung Professional12/6/2019
James R. JonesProfessional Member12/6/2019
Chris J. ConradProfessional Member12/6/2019
Julia ComeauxYoung Professional12/6/2019
Luis CaastilloProfessional Member12/5/2019
Anderson GiacominProfessional Member12/5/2019
Peter FoggProfessional Member12/4/2019
Mark TanakaProfessional Member12/4/2019
Madhure DesardaYoung Professional12/4/2019
Andrea LynchProfessional Member12/4/2019
Alexander PetersYoung Professional12/4/2019
Deshana SethiaYoung Professional12/4/2019
Andrew SchmidtProfessional Member12/4/2019
Chandramohan Seetharamiah SrinivasarajuStudent Member12/4/2019
Hasan HusseiniYoung Professional12/4/2019
Saeed NabariProfessional Member12/4/2019
Peter HesseYoung Professional12/3/2019
Frank BadusProfessional Member12/3/2019
Gideon BrunnProfessional Member12/3/2019
Bin ZhongProfessional Member12/2/2019
Michael SchickProfessional Member11/30/2019
Nicholas HellerProfessional Member11/30/2019
Jacques DuguayProfessional Member11/30/2019
Yumiko KariyaAffiliate Member11/27/2019
George Michael CurrinProfessional Member11/27/2019
Kelby HohlerProfessional Member11/27/2019
Blaz JurkoProfessional Member11/27/2019
Kadin BrockmanYoung Professional11/27/2019
Zachary CarsonStudent Member11/26/2019
Scott Jeffrey LucoProfessional Member11/26/2019
Jongmin LeeProfessional Member11/26/2019
Reid RauchleYoung Professional11/26/2019
Andrew McBrideYoung Professional11/26/2019
Eric CarrollProfessional Member11/25/2019
Robert WiseProfessional Member11/22/2019
Jinxin ShiProfessional Member11/21/2019
Abdul-Hadi Salah JmailehProfessional Member11/21/2019
Iva FranjkicProfessional Member11/21/2019
Simon ScholchStudent Member11/20/2019
John F. HuntProfessional Member11/19/2019
Kiril PanevYoung Professional11/19/2019