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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Ward OstendorfProfessional Member8/23/2019
Joe McDowellProfessional Member8/23/2019
Alyssa Marie WardwellStudent Member8/22/2019
Samantha BeamSustaining Contact8/22/2019
Jacob BittnerYoung Professional8/21/2019
Lane HrubeskyYoung Professional8/21/2019
Sierra BooneYoung Professional8/21/2019
John FlahiveProfessional Member8/21/2019
Caterina CzibulaStudent Member8/20/2019
Anna SyrjanenYoung Professional8/20/2019
James WoodwardProfessional Member8/20/2019
Cezary PuchalskiProfessional Member8/20/2019
Christian AndersenProfessional Member8/20/2019
Juha-Pekka HuhtanenProfessional Member8/20/2019
Charlie MydlarzStudent Member8/20/2019
Matthias NeumannStudent Member8/20/2019
Neeraj ShuklaProfessional Member8/20/2019
Jakub BrzostekProfessional Member8/20/2019
Joseph SquiresProfessional Member8/20/2019
Kelley BuchananProfessional Member8/20/2019
Jaewon KwakProfessional Member8/20/2019
Hanna KoskelaProfessional Member8/20/2019
Frederic KreplinStudent Member8/20/2019
Lalit JoshiProfessional Member8/20/2019
Maarit LahtinenProfessional Member8/20/2019
John HandelProfessional Member8/20/2019
T. Edwin FreemanProfessional Member8/20/2019
Thomas HarterStudent Member8/20/2019
Zahra NooriStudent Member8/20/2019
Georg Wilken FrankeProfessional Member8/20/2019
Gilbert CastilloProfessional Member8/20/2019
Marcin SmugorzewskiProfessional Member8/20/2019
Phil PattersonProfessional Member8/20/2019
Sunghyun NamProfessional Member8/20/2019
Robert GoetzingerStudent Member8/20/2019
Daniel MandlezStudent Member8/20/2019
Gustav MarinStudent Member8/20/2019
Wojciech OrlowskiProfessional Member8/20/2019
Himanshu ShahProfessional Member8/20/2019
Heinz J. SchaffrathProfessional Member8/20/2019
Christian AllemangYoung Professional8/20/2019
Jani HakolaProfessional Member8/20/2019
Taiki KumagaeProfessional Member8/20/2019
Mikael NygardsProfessional Member8/20/2019
Janet HargetteProfessional Member8/20/2019
Manuel LopezProfessional Member8/20/2019
Changmin ShinProfessional Member8/20/2019
Markku HamalainenProfessional Member8/20/2019
Jukka A. KetojaProfessional Member8/20/2019
Teruaki SatoProfessional Member8/20/2019