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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Hadi KhademiProfessional Member5/25/2022
Gustavo OliveiraProfessional Member5/25/2022
Grant DevotaProfessional Member5/25/2022
Erik JohnsonProfessional Member5/25/2022
Kate AnspaughProfessional Member5/24/2022
Carolina Pereira TorresStudent Member5/24/2022
Arild SteinnesProfessional Member5/24/2022
Elise OstensenProfessional Member5/24/2022
Ilka CzechProfessional Member5/24/2022
Farouk AyadiProfessional Member5/24/2022
Jacob LewisProfessional Member5/24/2022
Austin UmlaufProfessional Member5/23/2022
Donald E. Pearse, Jr.Professional Member5/23/2022
Anne NixonProfessional Member5/23/2022
Aaron LopezProfessional Member5/20/2022
Ryan RobertsProfessional Member5/20/2022
Brian FoxProfessional Member5/20/2022
Chad HarrodProfessional Member5/19/2022
Nazanin Davari, PhDProfessional Member5/19/2022
Girish N. DeshpandeProfessional Member5/19/2022
Chelsea CrossProfessional Member5/19/2022
Sydney HughesYoung Professional5/19/2022
Rodrigo CasagrandeSustaining Corporate5/18/2022
David J. BerryProfessional Member5/18/2022
Rigobert AugustinProfessional Member5/18/2022
Zvika WeissProfessional Member5/17/2022
Ranbir HeerProfessional Member5/17/2022
Angelina McArthurProfessional Member5/17/2022
Mary Alice UpshurProfessional Member5/16/2022
Andreas FallProfessional Member5/16/2022
Monique RossYoung Professional5/16/2022
Oscar FletesProfessional Member5/14/2022
Khayrullakhan Shukurulaevich AripovProfessional Member5/14/2022
Spencer BirdProfessional Member5/14/2022
Inger Mari VoldProfessional Member5/13/2022
Antti LaukkanenProfessional Member5/13/2022
Jacob HendersonProfessional Member5/13/2022
Kirk EdwardsProfessional Member5/13/2022
Federico RennerProfessional Member5/13/2022
Morgan MalmYoung Professional5/13/2022
Giorgia Lyn CalcagnoYoung Professional5/13/2022
Anna Vollo KristiansenProfessional Member5/13/2022
Ian WilsonProfessional Member5/12/2022
Danison Ho, P.E.Professional Member5/12/2022
Griffin TaylorYoung Professional5/12/2022
Kiesha C. BridgesProfessional Member5/12/2022
Adam HauserYoung Professional5/11/2022
Guofan XuProfessional Member5/11/2022
Anni KarppinenProfessional Member5/10/2022
J. Reid DaniellProfessional Member5/10/2022