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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Yu-Ju LinStudent Member3/16/2018
Paul D. WilkensProfessional Member3/16/2018
Susan E. SaucierProfessional Member3/15/2018
Isaac Efrain RomeroYoung Professional3/15/2018
Richard J. PerrittProfessional Member3/14/2018
Zhong LiuProfessional Member3/14/2018
Melanie Ann GoddardYoung Professional3/14/2018
Mark HerzfeldtProfessional Member3/14/2018
Thomas BaileyProfessional Member3/14/2018
Dennis M. TimmelProfessional Member3/14/2018
Brent LesherProfessional Member3/14/2018
Maohui ChenProfessional Member3/14/2018
Rod PettisProfessional Member3/14/2018
Brandon StinebricknerYoung Professional3/14/2018
Jody BainesProfessional Member3/14/2018
Karen MastersProfessional Member3/12/2018
Courtney JohnsonProfessional Member3/12/2018
Linda S. JacksonAffiliate Member3/12/2018
Ben AustinStudent Member3/9/2018
Travis PierceProfessional Member3/9/2018
James MarrelliProfessional Member3/9/2018
Zach KnudsenStudent Member3/9/2018
Lanfeng HuiProfessional Member3/9/2018
Carter StraderStudent Member3/9/2018
Mike SigmanProfessional Member3/9/2018
Patrick LawlessProfessional Member3/9/2018
Shruthi ThandriStudent Member3/9/2018
John MaslerProfessional Member3/8/2018
Marigordon Rae VarnerStudent Member3/8/2018
Clara De La Fuente MelidaYoung Professional3/8/2018
Matthew SwainSustaining Contact3/7/2018
John WengerProfessional Member3/6/2018
Shivamurthy B. ModgiProfessional Member3/6/2018
Alexandre CaronProfessional Member3/6/2018
Douglas KabatProfessional Member3/6/2018
Eleonora UboldiProfessional Member3/6/2018
Amber MorrellProfessional Member3/5/2018
Klaus DoelleProfessional Member3/5/2018
Garry SilverProfessional Member3/5/2018
Stefano MercanteSustaining Corporate3/5/2018
Yvan BeaudetProfessional Member3/1/2018
Sanjay PatelProfessional Member2/28/2018
Keith DoucetProfessional Member2/28/2018
Jeffrey ZhangProfessional Member2/27/2018
Thanee PrateepkeawProfessional Member2/27/2018
Roger LinderProfessional Member2/27/2018
Cameron CookYoung Professional2/27/2018
Grant M. DownhamProfessional Member2/27/2018
Philippe Roy, P.E.Professional Member2/27/2018
Thomas StaehrfeldtProfessional Member2/27/2018