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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Hayden ArmstrongStudent Member1/20/2020
Amamihechukwu NnodumStudent Member1/20/2020
Tyler BenoStudent Member1/20/2020
Barak BrightProfessional Member1/20/2020
Hao NguyenStudent Member1/20/2020
Jennifer CerecedesProfessional Member1/20/2020
Yifan DongProfessional Member1/17/2020
Jordan DonaldsonYoung Professional1/17/2020
Melissa McWilliamsProfessional Member1/17/2020
Jo-Wen KungStudent Member1/17/2020
Sarah Ben-YosephStudent Member1/16/2020
Alexis IvanStudent Member1/16/2020
Hannah AnStudent Member1/15/2020
Christopher ChaoStudent Member1/15/2020
Eric KruczynskiProfessional Member1/15/2020
Sara FrostStudent Member1/15/2020
Caroline LudirdjaProfessional Member1/14/2020
Jonathan DeanProfessional Member1/14/2020
Chris FarmerProfessional Member1/13/2020
Jessica LaryStudent Member1/13/2020
Andrew BlanchetteProfessional Member1/13/2020
Jon L. FredericksonYoung Professional1/10/2020
Stacy Murrow JrProfessional Member1/10/2020
Ernesto Yuji NakabayashiStudent Member1/10/2020
Sisira SaraswatulaStudent Member1/10/2020
Alex JurkoProfessional Member1/9/2020
Madelyn A. SmartStudent Member1/9/2020
Joanna ThomasStudent Member1/9/2020
Taylor DorseyYoung Professional1/8/2020
Thomas E. StannusProfessional Member1/8/2020
Jonathan HicksStudent Member1/7/2020
James Smith, IIIYoung Professional1/7/2020
Andrew KileyStudent Member1/7/2020
Cody AlmoneyYoung Professional1/7/2020
Andrew BolducStudent Member1/7/2020
Lea ScrapchanskyStudent Member1/7/2020
Iryna RoeverYoung Professional1/6/2020
Furman Hixon BoydProfessional Member1/6/2020
John StricklandStudent Member1/6/2020
Dustin CookProfessional Member1/6/2020
Brooks EptingProfessional Member1/6/2020
Steven HenkelProfessional Member1/3/2020
Catherine WebsterYoung Professional1/3/2020
Ibro PolovinaStudent Member1/3/2020
Josee LeblancProfessional Member1/2/2020
Christel FortinProfessional Member1/2/2020
Greg UnderwoodProfessional Member12/31/2019
Tyler KonradProfessional Member12/31/2019
Ephraim EubanksProfessional Member12/31/2019
Chris KreckelProfessional Member12/31/2019