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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Hankinta KirjastoProfessional Member11/14/2019
Margareta VonsiversProfessional Member11/14/2019
Shalida Mohd RosnanStudent Member11/14/2019
Benjamin RobergeProfessional Member11/12/2019
Karthik RaghavanProfessional Member11/11/2019
Thomas CluenStudent Member11/11/2019
Heather FriesenProfessional Member11/11/2019
Mitch AmorielloStudent Member11/11/2019
Tracey HannaProfessional Member11/8/2019
Brittney Marie BallengerStudent Member11/8/2019
Zachary OninskiStudent Member11/8/2019
Lauren AmableProfessional Member11/8/2019
Shawn Michael FarringtonYoung Professional11/8/2019
Andrea PernarProfessional Member11/8/2019
Mya DailingStudent Member11/8/2019
Camille BruleStudent Member11/7/2019
Camille ClicknerStudent Member11/7/2019
Kristina ThompsonSustaining Contact11/7/2019
Abigal Pearl SmrzStudent Member11/7/2019
Aitana BlevinsStudent Member11/7/2019
Ian StantonSustaining Contact11/7/2019
Jaylan PaigeStudent Member11/7/2019
Gerald David PearceSustaining Contact11/7/2019
Madison KingStudent Member11/7/2019
Gigi GauthierStudent Member11/7/2019
Tali HorstStudent Member11/7/2019
D'Kayla ThomasStudent Member11/7/2019
Madelyn Mann MillerStudent Member11/7/2019
Bennett SurrettStudent Member11/7/2019
Maggie LawlerStudent Member11/7/2019
Leta AlbrechtStudent Member11/7/2019
Eduardo SanchezStudent Member11/7/2019
Wallace LaymanStudent Member11/7/2019
Natalie DuncanStudent Member11/7/2019
Salaheddin AlbustamiProfessional Member11/6/2019
Zhi XuProfessional Member11/6/2019
James HamProfessional Member11/6/2019
Matti HakkinenProfessional Member11/5/2019
Paulo MazzeiProfessional Member11/5/2019
Jack CarmicalProfessional Member11/5/2019
Christopher John Petrus, P.E.Professional Member11/4/2019
Gregory Ponozzo, Jr.Professional Member11/4/2019
Jordan EvansProfessional Member11/4/2019
Wilim WilimProfessional Member11/3/2019
Gracie WoodsStudent Member11/1/2019
Carlos RicherProfessional Member10/31/2019
Rasmus AnderssonProfessional Member10/31/2019
Ebrahim GozaliProfessional Member10/31/2019
Russell MerrittSustaining Corporate10/31/2019
Bobby MercadoProfessional Member10/31/2019