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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Cassidy GrinsellYoung Professional1/15/2019
Jeffery Paul CherryProfessional Member1/14/2019
 Affiliate Member1/14/2019
Karla D. FavorsProfessional Member1/11/2019
Michael KloskowskiProfessional Member1/11/2019
Randle GedeonAffiliate Member1/11/2019
Maryam SalehezadehProfessional Member1/11/2019
Jennifer Ella KnievelProfessional Member1/11/2019
Kelly JohnsonAffiliate Member1/11/2019
Sean WenningerProfessional Member1/10/2019
Nick BackmanProfessional Member1/10/2019
Irfan ShaikhProfessional Member1/9/2019
Felipe HigaProfessional Member1/9/2019
Christiano KluppelProfessional Member1/9/2019
Francisco BerrocalProfessional Member1/9/2019
Thiago SantosProfessional Member1/9/2019
Joseph HilsonYoung Professional1/8/2019
Mazda HutapeaStudent Member1/8/2019
Matthew Templeton SholarStudent Member1/8/2019
Carolyn Tai SongeyStudent Member1/8/2019
Nahom TikaboStudent Member1/8/2019
Dwain AbbottProfessional Member1/8/2019
Daaniya IyazStudent Member1/8/2019
Greg WaddellStudent Member1/8/2019
Brandon Michael SanchezStudent Member1/8/2019
Rachel JohnsonStudent Member1/8/2019
Yossi GoldsteinStudent Member1/8/2019
Emily ShannonYoung Professional1/8/2019
Morgan HovisStudent Member1/8/2019
Aidan ScanlanStudent Member1/8/2019
Colby Evan ShropshireStudent Member1/8/2019
Hannah LindquistStudent Member1/8/2019
Jesse Fordham PriceStudent Member1/8/2019
Zane Ra'ed QasemStudent Member1/8/2019
Gloria AgwuStudent Member1/8/2019
Andrew WesenaStudent Member1/8/2019
Cian ScheerStudent Member1/8/2019
Elise Avery McCabeStudent Member1/8/2019
Scott KnappProfessional Member1/8/2019
Gerald SchroeckProfessional Member1/8/2019
Helen KondYoung Professional1/8/2019
Diane GrabowskiAffiliate Member1/8/2019
Cameron Anne OchsStudent Member1/8/2019
Keiton GuanStudent Member1/8/2019
Garima AuroraYoung Professional1/8/2019
Christian SmithYoung Professional1/8/2019
Wyatt ManningYoung Professional1/8/2019
Andrew James McKeeStudent Member1/8/2019
Jason Christopher RhodesStudent Member1/8/2019
Amy ClingmanStudent Member1/8/2019