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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Howard FieldsProfessional Member5/22/2019
Shane UeckerProfessional Member5/22/2019
Brian RathsackProfessional Member5/22/2019
Melissa DawsonProfessional Member5/21/2019
Nedgine JosephStudent Member5/21/2019
Carlos David Grande TovarProfessional Member5/20/2019
Patrick ZhengStudent Member5/20/2019
Arianna PartowStudent Member5/20/2019
Kelven FengProfessional Member5/20/2019
Robert LoweProfessional Member5/20/2019
Kimberly HafnerStudent Member5/20/2019
Karyn MosesStudent Member5/20/2019
Yikan LiuStudent Member5/20/2019
Shugang ZhangStudent Member5/20/2019
Raminder KaurStudent Member5/20/2019
Paolo MussoneProfessional Member5/17/2019
Richard E. Morrison, Jr.Professional Member5/17/2019
Daniel J. FryProfessional Member5/17/2019
Akira IshibashiProfessional Member5/17/2019
Steven K. SnookProfessional Member5/16/2019
Steve KaneProfessional Member5/16/2019
John BryceProfessional Member5/16/2019
Penny LakanenProfessional Member5/16/2019
Dave KilcreceProfessional Member5/16/2019
Byoung-Uk ChoProfessional Member5/15/2019
Thomas RimmerYoung Professional5/14/2019
Leila NombelProfessional Member5/14/2019
Peter AttenbergerProfessional Member5/14/2019
Alonzo PifanoProfessional Member5/14/2019
Jose AvilesProfessional Member5/14/2019
Peerada SamunualProfessional Member5/14/2019
Montserrat Garcia EstopaProfessional Member5/14/2019
Nikkia FinnemoreProfessional Member5/13/2019
Alajandra Reyna-ValenciaProfessional Member5/13/2019
David AndersonProfessional Member5/10/2019
Nick TonzProfessional Member5/10/2019
Dan JohnsenProfessional Member5/10/2019
Ryan BasnawYoung Professional5/9/2019
Vincent BlanchardProfessional Member5/8/2019
Anton BertholdProfessional Member5/8/2019
Thomas KeckProfessional Member5/8/2019
Donald W. DavisProfessional Member5/8/2019
Daniel MartinProfessional Member5/4/2019
Xiao ZhangProfessional Member5/3/2019
Stephanie TrottierProfessional Member5/3/2019
Aimin TangProfessional Member5/3/2019
Roelof BurgerProfessional Member5/3/2019
Monty FrenchProfessional Member5/3/2019
Doug Home SimpsonProfessional Member5/3/2019
Bin LiProfessional Member5/3/2019