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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Angie BallProfessional Member4/24/2018
Mark RossmanProfessional Member4/24/2018
Trey WilliamsonProfessional Member4/24/2018
Naoyuki TamuraProfessional Member4/24/2018
Amanda Sans-lucasProfessional Member4/24/2018
Shreyas V. BhandareYoung Professional4/24/2018
Ira BettsProfessional Member4/24/2018
Tyler TibbitsProfessional Member4/24/2018
Thomas CseterYoung Professional4/24/2018
John AugustiniakProfessional Member4/24/2018
Chris BundrenProfessional Member4/24/2018
Katelyn TischlerYoung Professional4/24/2018
Clay BarksdaleProfessional Member4/24/2018
Mary KomboliasProfessional Member4/24/2018
Tony GichuhiProfessional Member4/24/2018
Derrick M. LittleProfessional Member4/24/2018
Brad LomaxProfessional Member4/23/2018
Samuel Andres VerbisProfessional Member4/23/2018
Honglei (Liz) LiProfessional Member4/23/2018
Jennifer L. SprangersSustaining Corporate4/23/2018
Matthew PrzysieckiProfessional Member4/23/2018
Jeffery ChristiansenProfessional Member4/23/2018
Kay BoakyeProfessional Member4/23/2018
Tom HynekProfessional Member4/22/2018
Lucja Michalina Wanicka, Ing.Young Professional4/22/2018
Oyin DinaProfessional Member4/20/2018
Sekhar SundaramProfessional Member4/20/2018
Mark WodrichProfessional Member4/20/2018
Owen LightbodyProfessional Member4/20/2018
Martin KylesProfessional Member4/20/2018
Elena MathopoullosProfessional Member4/20/2018
Nicole AlexovichProfessional Member4/20/2018
Greg CourtneyProfessional Member4/20/2018
Walter SmithProfessional Member4/20/2018
Katia HamadaProfessional Member4/20/2018
Danny RiversProfessional Member4/20/2018
Lawrence EfflerProfessional Member4/20/2018
Dennis MalabaProfessional Member4/20/2018
Nick GiovianniaProfessional Member4/20/2018
James WightProfessional Member4/20/2018
Hayder ZahalkaProfessional Member4/20/2018
Paul J. BissettProfessional Member4/20/2018
Xuliang LinProfessional Member4/19/2018
Kyoko FukudaProfessional Member4/19/2018
Timo PaakkonenProfessional Member4/19/2018
Ingunn Saur ModahlProfessional Member4/19/2018
Hannes OrelmaProfessional Member4/19/2018
Zhengmian ChangProfessional Member4/19/2018
Yuan ChenProfessional Member4/19/2018
Matthew HartingsProfessional Member4/19/2018