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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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NameMember typeJoin date
Manoj NirmalProfessional Member9/23/2019
Yao NtifafaProfessional Member9/20/2019
Subir Kumar BiswasStudent Member9/20/2019
Emilee RenkYoung Professional9/19/2019
Chris StrattonProfessional Member9/18/2019
Mariana Santos MoreiraYoung Professional9/18/2019
Michael Timothy VandermussProfessional Member9/17/2019
Soeren JohansenProfessional Member9/17/2019
Elias OrtizProfessional Member9/16/2019
Terry DixonProfessional Member9/16/2019
Sevinc FerrariProfessional Member9/13/2019
Jason BacaProfessional Member9/13/2019
Monique Isabelle AlkiewiczYoung Professional9/12/2019
Bob BettendorfProfessional Member9/12/2019
Chloe NymbergYoung Professional9/12/2019
Bradley SmithProfessional Member9/12/2019
Bruce WaughYoung Professional9/11/2019
Dena StokesProfessional Member9/9/2019
Antti PeuhkurinenProfessional Member9/9/2019
Juho KivelaStudent Member9/9/2019
Dan NowerProfessional Member9/9/2019
Craig HannahProfessional Member9/9/2019
David KehoeProfessional Member9/6/2019
Ted DumasProfessional Member9/6/2019
Nathan Edward MixonProfessional Member9/6/2019
Gerardo RadaProfessional Member9/6/2019
Michael MulroyProfessional Member9/6/2019
Robert ErvolinoProfessional Member9/6/2019
John MedeirosProfessional Member9/6/2019
Delaware HoodProfessional Member9/6/2019
Brendon VincentProfessional Member9/6/2019
Christopher Claude MaisonneuveProfessional Member9/6/2019
Jan MoritzProfessional Member9/6/2019
Wayne BuschmannProfessional Member9/4/2019
Andrew WyseProfessional Member9/4/2019
Gabrielle McMullenYoung Professional9/4/2019
Naomi J. BallengerProfessional Member9/4/2019
Michael D. MartinProfessional Member9/4/2019
Ross KempsterProfessional Member8/30/2019
Duc Tien HuaYoung Professional8/29/2019
David Allan GallowayConsultant Member8/29/2019
Robert Streisel, PhDProfessional Member8/29/2019
Ann Eriksson-PateyProfessional Member8/28/2019
Toni CarterProfessional Member8/27/2019
John ChiesaProfessional Member8/27/2019
John E. MansenProfessional Member8/27/2019
Chelsea HenriksonProfessional Member8/26/2019
Alexander BockischProfessional Member8/26/2019
Geoffrey FisherProfessional Member8/26/2019
Deane NanniProfessional Member8/26/2019