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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Chamindra GamageProfessional Member10/26/2020
Greg CopusPaid Retired Member10/25/2020
Fred WestphalProfessional Member10/23/2020
Omer ShafiProfessional Member10/23/2020
Clay R. AllredYoung Professional10/23/2020
Nicole ThomasProfessional Member10/23/2020
Kogyo ShoykenAffiliate Member10/22/2020
Mert YildirimStudent Member10/22/2020
Bryan LukanusStudent Member10/21/2020
Baylor CantrellStudent Member10/21/2020
Drew SniderYoung Professional10/21/2020
Robert FeltyProfessional Member10/20/2020
Mehmet Sefik TuncProfessional Member10/20/2020
Jonathan AntesProfessional Member10/20/2020
Tom ZhangProfessional Member10/20/2020
Keong Dong KimProfessional Member10/19/2020
Tim SchneiderProfessional Member10/19/2020
Elizabeth KelkisYoung Professional10/15/2020
Michael FerronYoung Professional10/13/2020
Scott RomagnoliProfessional Member10/13/2020
Alireza MoussaviStudent Member10/12/2020
Venugopal AmbadipudiPaid Retired Member10/9/2020
Joni LipkowitzProfessional Member10/8/2020
Marisa Alves Da RochaProfessional Member10/8/2020
Richard RumseyProfessional Member10/8/2020
Aashish NargunamYoung Professional10/8/2020
Clint Lee VarnadoreProfessional Member10/7/2020
Christopher SwaynosYoung Professional10/5/2020
Max Francisco GugigStudent Member10/5/2020
James F. Skelding, IIProfessional Member10/5/2020
Katelin WierzbaStudent Member10/4/2020
Ronald MarquezProfessional Member10/3/2020
Colin BlackProfessional Member10/1/2020
Max TaylorYoung Professional9/30/2020
Gonzalo GalazProfessional Member9/30/2020
Erin NalleyYoung Professional9/29/2020
Jake Lawrence WeinstockStudent Member9/29/2020
Anthony MartinoYoung Professional9/29/2020
Belk McDillYoung Professional9/29/2020
Cole (Tyler) IveyYoung Professional9/29/2020
Joseph MeredithYoung Professional9/29/2020
Mahesh BhoodaiYoung Professional9/29/2020
Chasity BarberYoung Professional9/29/2020
Deanna HagerYoung Professional9/29/2020
Rachael CobbYoung Professional9/29/2020
Luke GriffinStudent Member9/29/2020
Benjamin HaymonYoung Professional9/29/2020
Brendan KoorsYoung Professional9/29/2020
Brian RenziYoung Professional9/29/2020
Cody DobbinsYoung Professional9/29/2020