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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Bruce WilderProfessional Member4/20/2021
Frank CharbonneauProfessional Member4/19/2021
Robert Miller, PhDProfessional Member4/19/2021
Sanjeev Kumar JainProfessional Member4/19/2021
Nat SouthwickProfessional Member4/17/2021
Robert GaskinsProfessional Member4/16/2021
Hasan SadeghifarAffiliate Member4/16/2021
Magnus ArneyYoung Professional4/16/2021
Laura PorcuProfessional Member4/16/2021
Blaik ShewProfessional Member4/16/2021
Mark WindebankProfessional Member4/16/2021
Katie ByrumProfessional Member4/15/2021
Randy DeMeuseProfessional Member4/15/2021
John HeckProfessional Member4/15/2021
Edward WalshProfessional Member4/15/2021
Brandon FaulkenberryProfessional Member4/15/2021
Philip McMichaelStudent Member4/14/2021
Lazuli BhowmickStudent Member4/14/2021
Teresa Lidia Lopez EsquerProfessional Member4/14/2021
Connor HealdYoung Professional4/14/2021
Bryan DolanProfessional Member4/14/2021
Amina DoughertyProfessional Member4/13/2021
Vince MarcucciProfessional Member4/13/2021
Carl ScogginsProfessional Member4/13/2021
James LitchwarkProfessional Member4/12/2021
Juan Santiago CaillabetProfessional Member4/12/2021
Angela WilsonYoung Professional4/12/2021
Yves LevesqueProfessional Member4/12/2021
Augusto ArnsSustaining Corporate4/12/2021
Cesar A. UrbinaProfessional Member4/12/2021
Marc CrossmanProfessional Member4/10/2021
Matt MyrdenProfessional Member4/10/2021
Ammad AslamProfessional Member4/10/2021
Jerri DiRenzoProfessional Member4/7/2021
Sarah KaralusYoung Professional4/6/2021
Marc CaissieProfessional Member4/6/2021
Mei Keat LiangProfessional Member4/6/2021
Kevin C. BattenProfessional Member4/5/2021
Matt HersheyProfessional Member4/5/2021
Noah Asher DeanYoung Professional4/2/2021
Justin VotySustaining Corporate4/2/2021
James BaggotProfessional Member4/2/2021
John MerendaProfessional Member4/2/2021
George Young, Jr.Professional Member4/2/2021
Michael A. HarrisStudent Member4/2/2021
Christopher P. BowdenProfessional Member4/2/2021
Seth PeacockYoung Professional4/1/2021
Hoang LeStudent Member3/31/2021
Aishwarya LuteStudent Member3/31/2021
Sarah MartinStudent Member3/31/2021