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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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JT ChappellStudent Member1/25/2021
Jennifer A. LechlitnerProfessional Member1/25/2021
Ingrid PlantStudent Member1/25/2021
Andy LamStudent Member1/25/2021
Abel MunozProfessional Member1/25/2021
Alia ParsonsStudent Member1/25/2021
Gino CecchiYoung Professional1/24/2021
Jamie GillStudent Member1/22/2021
Sebastian GrothkoppAffiliate Member1/22/2021
Seth SeefeldtStudent Member1/22/2021
Gregory MooreStudent Member1/22/2021
Ryan CarlsonProfessional Member1/21/2021
Nicholas NelsonStudent Member1/21/2021
Sydney CrushStudent Member1/21/2021
Lauren StachStudent Member1/21/2021
Keaton RoachStudent Member1/21/2021
Samantha AreauxStudent Member1/21/2021
Canon CochranStudent Member1/21/2021
Duncan W. McIntyreStudent Member1/20/2021
Heather WitherowStudent Member1/20/2021
Tess MooreStudent Member1/20/2021
Connor ScrayStudent Member1/20/2021
Peyton ChahleyStudent Member1/20/2021
Cole NicklessStudent Member1/20/2021
Samantha Rae BurrellStudent Member1/20/2021
Chelsea Donna PelletierStudent Member1/20/2021
Gabe SecordStudent Member1/19/2021
Katherine SierackiStudent Member1/19/2021
Michael TozerStudent Member1/19/2021
Sofie LehtikoskiStudent Member1/19/2021
Cassandra NetolsStudent Member1/19/2021
Lon GrantProfessional Member1/19/2021
Andrew DillmanStudent Member1/18/2021
Trevor KuehnStudent Member1/18/2021
Mason SchwartzStudent Member1/18/2021
Mason MoreschiStudent Member1/18/2021
Godwin AdjeiStudent Member1/18/2021
Stefany TuleStudent Member1/18/2021
Munevver Elif Asar SarikayaStudent Member1/18/2021
Colby OrtonStudent Member1/18/2021
Nick WongStudent Member1/18/2021
Brandon RowlandStudent Member1/18/2021
Carter ClineStudent Member1/18/2021
Varun Kumar Gurusamy ChellamuthuStudent Member1/18/2021
Breton WellerStudent Member1/18/2021
Meegan HeerlynStudent Member1/18/2021
Emma ShockeyStudent Member1/18/2021
Peyton RyanStudent Member1/18/2021
Josh FoxStudent Member1/18/2021
Michael SommersStudent Member1/18/2021