We Welcome Our Newest Members

These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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NameMember typeJoin date
Michel HamelProfessional Member7/22/2019
Alexandra WedderburnYoung Professional7/22/2019
Terry GriffisProfessional Member7/21/2019
Charles Curtis ParsonsPaid Retired Member7/20/2019
Miguel JimenezProfessional Member7/18/2019
Eric CollinsProfessional Member7/18/2019
Austin CarltonProfessional Member7/18/2019
Triston FischerProfessional Member7/18/2019
Joseph Michael TurnerProfessional Member7/17/2019
Christine BouchardProfessional Member7/16/2019
Jonathan B. MislanProfessional Member7/16/2019
Mary GuilloryProfessional Member7/15/2019
Adafo BlairProfessional Member7/15/2019
Tanner LaVern FogleYoung Professional7/15/2019
Kevin ManingasProfessional Member7/15/2019
Cedric BonnerProfessional Member7/15/2019
Jerry KelleyProfessional Member7/15/2019
Alan PurvisProfessional Member7/15/2019
Karl SteinbeckProfessional Member7/15/2019
Julius CherryProfessional Member7/15/2019
Olivia CarterYoung Professional7/15/2019
Hazel BabuYoung Professional7/15/2019
Kasra MirmesdaghProfessional Member7/15/2019
Byron AkhaviProfessional Member7/15/2019
Yucheng PengProfessional Member7/9/2019
Jennifer YeldezianProfessional Member7/9/2019
Andy L. CibilsProfessional Member7/9/2019
Vipin RaghavanSustaining Corporate7/9/2019
Brad RoderickProfessional Member7/8/2019
Shabnam PournazariProfessional Member7/8/2019
Braulio F. FerrandoYoung Professional7/3/2019
Ming QiProfessional Member7/3/2019
Eric Ramos, Ing.Professional Member7/2/2019
Lora-Beth AllenProfessional Member7/2/2019
Luiza FreitasProfessional Member6/30/2019
Dong Hoan KimProfessional Member6/28/2019
Sree Harsha MudunuriProfessional Member6/28/2019
David Michael KramerProfessional Member6/28/2019
Anna SelozaProfessional Member6/28/2019
Ken AlbrechtProfessional Member6/28/2019
Josh CashProfessional Member6/27/2019
Brian BlandProfessional Member6/27/2019
Nakisha ThompsonSustaining Contact6/26/2019
Maja MejsnerSustaining Corporate6/24/2019