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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Benjamin RubinsteinStudent Member7/31/2020
Genaro RiveraProfessional Member7/31/2020
Kendra FeinProfessional Member7/31/2020
Liam RyanProfessional Member7/31/2020
Joanna SpirodekProfessional Member7/30/2020
Jeremy MacFarlandProfessional Member7/30/2020
Georgia RoyProfessional Member7/29/2020
Dulani T. Kuruppu ArachchilageYoung Professional7/28/2020
Mehgan F. AndrzejewskiSustaining Corporate7/28/2020
Bob NissenProfessional Member7/28/2020
Matt DiestlerProfessional Member7/27/2020
Suzanne BlanchetProfessional Member7/27/2020
Adam RogersonStudent Member7/24/2020
Wayne MuncasterSustaining Corporate7/23/2020
Kym PearceProfessional Member7/23/2020
Jim LongProfessional Member7/21/2020
Saravanan PalaniProfessional Member7/20/2020
Gary W. SuttonConsultant Member7/20/2020
Marielis ZambranoStudent Member7/20/2020
Stephen KlockeProfessional Member7/20/2020
Rubina AjdaryStudent Member7/20/2020
Rachel KeunenStudent Member7/20/2020
John Fowler, P.E.Professional Member7/20/2020
Marcos Vinicius NicolinoStudent Member7/20/2020
Haixin PengStudent Member7/19/2020
Jackson Doe-MensahStudent Member7/17/2020
YUFEI NANStudent Member7/17/2020
Noelle ZaniniStudent Member7/17/2020
Richard ListStudent Member7/17/2020
Lili WangStudent Member7/16/2020
Belkis Coromoto Sulbaran RangelStudent Member7/16/2020
Nico KummerStudent Member7/16/2020
Javier RiberaStudent Member7/16/2020
Lucas ScalonStudent Member7/16/2020
Eupidio ScopelStudent Member7/16/2020
Anh Tran-LyStudent Member7/16/2020
Alain ChamberlandProfessional Member7/16/2020
Ricardo J. VallejosProfessional Member7/16/2020
Nur Sharmila SharipStudent Member7/16/2020
Maycon SilvaStudent Member7/16/2020
Javier HernandezStudent Member7/16/2020
Zoey ZhengStudent Member7/16/2020
Akash Madhav GondaliyaStudent Member7/15/2020
Barbara PereiraStudent Member7/15/2020
Nayara NunesStudent Member7/15/2020
Mohamed IbrahimStudent Member7/15/2020
Zach MillerStudent Member7/15/2020
Liliane S. LeiteStudent Member7/15/2020
Manjot Kaur GrewalStudent Member7/15/2020
Ian KirvenStudent Member7/15/2020