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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Mustafa Batu DurgundegilProfessional Member10/15/2021
Fumihiko OnabePaid Retired Member10/15/2021
Mihai PaunProfessional Member10/15/2021
Natarajan RameshProfessional Member10/14/2021
Peter DeJongProfessional Member10/14/2021
Robert E. Cheatham, Jr.Professional Member10/13/2021
David A. DiCorpoProfessional Member10/13/2021
Kathryn M. CollinsProfessional Member10/12/2021
Christopher W. CostlowProfessional Member10/12/2021
Joby JohnProfessional Member10/12/2021
Roger MendelProfessional Member10/11/2021
Andrew WidayProfessional Member10/11/2021
Madison GayStudent Member10/11/2021
Jerold ZwasProfessional Member10/11/2021
Fabrizio CharrierProfessional Member10/11/2021
Joseph VaccaroProfessional Member10/11/2021
Jose I GonzalezProfessional Member10/11/2021
Eric LeppProfessional Member10/11/2021
David BooneProfessional Member10/11/2021
Crystal LiProfessional Member10/11/2021
Dwight CarlsonProfessional Member10/11/2021
Keith McconnellProfessional Member10/11/2021
AJ AlexanderProfessional Member10/11/2021
Alexandra NehibYoung Professional10/8/2021
Elliott BellProfessional Member10/7/2021
Jeff BurkittProfessional Member10/7/2021
Rinaldo DiazYoung Professional10/7/2021
Kevin FriedmanStudent Member10/6/2021
Osvaldo CasasYoung Professional10/6/2021
Ria Majumdar, PhDStudent Member10/6/2021
Kenna ThomasonStudent Member10/6/2021
Sarah FreemanStudent Member10/6/2021
Whitney RymerYoung Professional10/6/2021
Peter D. HannaSustaining Corporate10/6/2021
Jose Campos-TeranProfessional Member10/5/2021
James Ryan DupreeYoung Professional10/4/2021
Siwat SrisukYoung Professional10/4/2021
Garrett FinneganYoung Professional10/1/2021
Elijah BrownSustaining Contact10/1/2021
Kenneth Blake GreeneStudent Member9/29/2021
Shawn A. BakerProfessional Member9/28/2021
Brian L. PahlProfessional Member9/28/2021
Madeline Susan LoganYoung Professional9/27/2021
Alarick TavaresProfessional Member9/27/2021
Michael Robert BaronProfessional Member9/27/2021
Ameena BacchusStudent Member9/27/2021
Nicolette HookProfessional Member9/27/2021
Kaylee Ann SchmidStudent Member9/25/2021
Francois DumontProfessional Member9/23/2021
James ChiversProfessional Member9/22/2021