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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Jennice OzmentProfessional Member5/18/2018
Henry KrauzykProfessional Member5/17/2018
Fabiola VilasecaProfessional Member5/16/2018
Chris ChiassonProfessional Member5/16/2018
Jonathan SyersYoung Professional5/16/2018
Jorge TrujilloProfessional Member5/16/2018
Ming ChenProfessional Member5/16/2018
Jacques DaigleProfessional Member5/16/2018
Russell WebbProfessional Member5/16/2018
Christopher WesenYoung Professional5/16/2018
Anthony W. ChapmanProfessional Member5/16/2018
Sue WypiszynskiProfessional Member5/16/2018
Michael SimonProfessional Member5/16/2018
Ted PixleyProfessional Member5/16/2018
Dominic DesrosiersProfessional Member5/16/2018
William StewartProfessional Member5/16/2018
Giselher GruenerProfessional Member5/16/2018
Brianna HarringtonProfessional Member5/16/2018
Choi YongsungProfessional Member5/16/2018
William StarlingProfessional Member5/16/2018
Justin HuProfessional Member5/15/2018
Amir KhabibullinProfessional Member5/15/2018
Tim MorseProfessional Member5/15/2018
David HepworthProfessional Member5/15/2018
Vivek KalihariProfessional Member5/15/2018
Andrew SingerProfessional Member5/15/2018
Ed HindyProfessional Member5/15/2018
Kirsten AndersonYoung Professional5/14/2018
Andrea SaballusSustaining Contact5/14/2018
Eagle ArmstrongProfessional Member5/12/2018
Ashley DeBieYoung Professional5/11/2018
Peter OrizondoProfessional Member5/10/2018
Matthew KrafcikProfessional Member5/10/2018
Vincente RosadoProfessional Member5/10/2018
Reetta HenttonenProfessional Member5/9/2018
Volodymyr KorolovychStudent Member5/9/2018
Justin BordleyProfessional Member5/9/2018
Jeff O'BlenesProfessional Member5/8/2018
Eric Jin, PhDProfessional Member5/8/2018
Collin HiiProfessional Member5/8/2018
Pauline ThibaultProfessional Member5/7/2018
Christopher ChauProfessional Member5/7/2018
Thomas C. Nunes, Jr.Professional Member5/7/2018
Allen SmithProfessional Member5/4/2018
Anthony SandersProfessional Member5/4/2018
Brett BilitzYoung Professional5/2/2018
Ashleigh E. EasonYoung Professional5/2/2018
Chris WilcoxProfessional Member5/1/2018
Magdalena KorblerProfessional Member4/26/2018
Christopher J. BeuProfessional Member4/26/2018