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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Michael KaufmanProfessional Member3/22/2019
Beth Ann ZarkoProfessional Member3/22/2019
Terry HughesProfessional Member3/22/2019
Cyndey RechtinProfessional Member3/22/2019
Sylvia CiampaProfessional Member3/22/2019
Yong Tang, PhDProfessional Member3/21/2019
Nicholas KusantoYoung Professional3/21/2019
Makoto MochizukiProfessional Member3/21/2019
David JordanProfessional Member3/20/2019
Aline SelkeProfessional Member3/20/2019
Yaniv NevoProfessional Member3/20/2019
Christopher ThielenProfessional Member3/20/2019
Dana SpindlerProfessional Member3/19/2019
Ryan MeintzProfessional Member3/19/2019
Yasuhiro HidakaProfessional Member3/19/2019
Joshua ReederYoung Professional3/17/2019
Abbey PhillipsProfessional Member3/15/2019
Bruce WestProfessional Member3/15/2019
Rick McHughProfessional Member3/15/2019
Santos MontalvoProfessional Member3/15/2019
Sachin V. BorkarProfessional Member3/15/2019
Ryan CloutierProfessional Member3/15/2019
Benjamin KingYoung Professional3/15/2019
Kevin WakefieldProfessional Member3/15/2019
Jon BurkProfessional Member3/15/2019
Mary Carmen LopezProfessional Member3/15/2019
Clayton ShortProfessional Member3/15/2019
Celine ChaleatProfessional Member3/14/2019
Zheng WangStudent Member3/14/2019
Michael D. BenoProfessional Member3/14/2019
Lin Juan DuanStudent Member3/14/2019
Aji MathewProfessional Member3/14/2019
Tuomas TurpeinenProfessional Member3/13/2019
Erkki LaitiProfessional Member3/13/2019
Anton HagmanProfessional Member3/13/2019
Donald RuoffProfessional Member3/13/2019
Bryan RennakerProfessional Member3/12/2019
Yuguang ZhongProfessional Member3/12/2019
Denis AubinProfessional Member3/12/2019
Helene GodinStudent Member3/11/2019
Erin A. DohertyProfessional Member3/11/2019
Andrew G. GoodyearProfessional Member3/11/2019
Hung-Yi HsiaoProfessional Member3/8/2019
Tianle ZhouProfessional Member3/8/2019
Sobhy Mahmoud ElbendaryProfessional Member3/8/2019
Ron StaceyProfessional Member3/7/2019
Sydney OpdahlStudent Member3/6/2019
Riley StevensYoung Professional3/6/2019
Chris DifeliceProfessional Member3/5/2019
Johanna MajoinenProfessional Member3/5/2019