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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Lydia VaugeoisProfessional Member2/20/2018
Anton P. EsserProfessional Member2/20/2018
Aaron JohnsonProfessional Member2/20/2018
Patrick MurphyProfessional Member2/19/2018
Kristin AdamsSustaining Corporate2/19/2018
Kimberly KoenigProfessional Member2/19/2018
Gerardo Antonio YaremiProfessional Member2/17/2018
Paul AlbeeProfessional Member2/17/2018
Victor David ProiettiProfessional Member2/16/2018
Grazziella I. TeodorescuProfessional Member2/15/2018
Hannah SmithProfessional Member2/15/2018
William Henry Walker, IIIProfessional Member2/15/2018
Laurie Dieffenbach, PhDProfessional Member2/14/2018
Mark BicklerProfessional Member2/14/2018
Nancy SchultzProfessional Member2/14/2018
Kathie AndradeProfessional Member2/14/2018
John McCormickProfessional Member2/14/2018
Rodney BaumProfessional Member2/14/2018
Lisa LockwoodProfessional Member2/14/2018
Robert Oyenarte, P.E.Professional Member2/12/2018
David JuliusProfessional Member2/11/2018
Sadakat HussainProfessional Member2/10/2018
Justin Lee BennettYoung Professional2/9/2018
Djakhangir RazikovProfessional Member2/9/2018
Alla S. HickeyProfessional Member2/9/2018
Sandra McClurgProfessional Member2/9/2018
Jason PhillipProfessional Member2/8/2018
Deborah SauerProfessional Member2/8/2018
Brad DavisYoung Professional2/8/2018
Akshay AshirgadeProfessional Member2/8/2018
Mark AndrewsProfessional Member2/8/2018
Laleh SolhiStudent Member2/8/2018
Quang Hien QuanProfessional Member2/7/2018
Dan SchottProfessional Member2/7/2018
Daniel VarnellProfessional Member2/6/2018
Michael R. KlearProfessional Member2/6/2018
Arvind PurushothamanProfessional Member2/6/2018
Sandy ArulfProfessional Member2/6/2018
Ken VolzProfessional Member2/6/2018
Aaron SchlothauerProfessional Member2/6/2018
Natnael BehabtuProfessional Member2/5/2018
Christophe BrouzetYoung Professional2/5/2018
Jing JiangProfessional Member2/5/2018
Jose M. LagaronProfessional Member2/5/2018
Bill LeeProfessional Member2/5/2018
Mike RadelProfessional Member2/5/2018
Jeff TiltonProfessional Member2/5/2018
Lori RuzickaProfessional Member2/5/2018
Jim RayProfessional Member2/2/2018
Pranav KukadeProfessional Member2/2/2018