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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Emily DemchikStudent Member7/22/2018
Kevin Thomas MasseyStudent Member7/22/2018
Damien DelbergheProfessional Member7/20/2018
Lauren WhitlowYoung Professional7/19/2018
Daniele GallucciSustaining Corporate7/18/2018
Bruce StumpProfessional Member7/17/2018
Dale CharterProfessional Member7/17/2018
Jackie EdwardsProfessional Member7/17/2018
Charles M. GlewProfessional Member7/17/2018
Mark ReedProfessional Member7/17/2018
John SullivanProfessional Member7/17/2018
Neal BurgessProfessional Member7/17/2018
Beth McGarveyProfessional Member7/17/2018
Timothy NewProfessional Member7/17/2018
BreAnn VanKurenProfessional Member7/17/2018
Matthew BakerProfessional Member7/17/2018
Daniel CagneyProfessional Member7/17/2018
David E. GadaiProfessional Member7/16/2018
Greg LinscottProfessional Member7/16/2018
Rafael Puerto BoronatProfessional Member7/14/2018
Brian EmbryProfessional Member7/13/2018
Adam ScottProfessional Member7/13/2018
Jonathan CarrellYoung Professional7/13/2018
Dell BledsoeProfessional Member7/13/2018
Caleb HoughtonYoung Professional7/13/2018
Brian CerneyProfessional Member7/12/2018
Jason GroomsYoung Professional7/12/2018
Renee SantiProfessional Member7/12/2018
Jonathan GarciaYoung Professional7/11/2018
Miranda FedericoProfessional Member7/10/2018
Dan SmithProfessional Member7/10/2018
Stephen MitchellYoung Professional7/9/2018
Dawn LeftridgeProfessional Member7/9/2018
Vignesh Suresh IyerYoung Professional7/6/2018
Evan LucanishYoung Professional7/5/2018
Shameka HarrelsonProfessional Member7/5/2018
Juan Silva RizasProfessional Member7/5/2018
Jon DavisProfessional Member7/5/2018
John Christopher SwensonProfessional Member7/5/2018
Nicolas Mateo RojasStudent Member7/5/2018
Dave WardenProfessional Member7/3/2018
Jackie Jo LundyProfessional Member7/3/2018
Will RobinsonProfessional Member7/2/2018
Leanne MartinProfessional Member6/29/2018
Felecia Brown BrownProfessional Member6/29/2018
Ryan GivensProfessional Member6/29/2018
Danielle Klimek-McDonaldProfessional Member6/29/2018
Elizabeth ScmittProfessional Member6/29/2018
Kevin GallagherProfessional Member6/28/2018
PANJEONG JANGProfessional Member6/28/2018