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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Stethilprabi JagannathanProfessional Member9/19/2018
Kelly DareYoung Professional9/18/2018
Eric MulkernProfessional Member9/18/2018
Peyton CliftonYoung Professional9/18/2018
Esteban MarinProfessional Member9/18/2018
Noah WalkerYoung Professional9/18/2018
Bradley HarrisYoung Professional9/18/2018
Robert D. Willis, P.E.Professional Member9/18/2018
Matthew M. DavisProfessional Member9/18/2018
Darrin GoinProfessional Member9/17/2018
Kent StenbergProfessional Member9/17/2018
Brian SavardProfessional Member9/17/2018
Michael MainelloYoung Professional9/17/2018
Jerry NgStudent Member9/16/2018
Lillie MyersYoung Professional9/14/2018
Anne PaymentProfessional Member9/14/2018
Ronald JurekProfessional Member9/14/2018
Quanqing ZhaProfessional Member9/14/2018
James BurkheadProfessional Member9/14/2018
Ron BinghamProfessional Member9/13/2018
Eugenia Rivero LoyolaYoung Professional9/13/2018
Conrad CulleyProfessional Member9/13/2018
Raphael Hussni LeonessaProfessional Member9/13/2018
Alessandro PiccinocchiYoung Professional9/13/2018
Kristina DoriottYoung Professional9/13/2018
Cheryl A. DavisProfessional Member9/12/2018
Summer CooperYoung Professional9/12/2018
Richard GagnowProfessional Member9/11/2018
Janice PattersonProfessional Member9/11/2018
Ari SaarioProfessional Member9/11/2018
Michael L. KorzyniewskiProfessional Member9/11/2018
Leonard D. IsbanProfessional Member9/11/2018
Ashok MarwahaAffiliate Member9/10/2018
Shawn PearsonProfessional Member9/10/2018
Luke SmithYoung Professional9/10/2018
Ian Brettell-Adams, PhDYoung Professional9/7/2018
Juan O. Sierra, Jr.Professional Member9/7/2018
Lyle SwansonProfessional Member9/6/2018
Jamie AcordProfessional Member9/4/2018
Tim DavisProfessional Member9/4/2018
Lance MoeProfessional Member8/31/2018
Manu BermudesProfessional Member8/31/2018
Aaron ReginekProfessional Member8/31/2018
Franz HarrerProfessional Member8/31/2018
Ericka SaariProfessional Member8/31/2018
Sonia BertettoProfessional Member8/31/2018
Joseph D. StarnesProfessional Member8/31/2018
Antonio MagdalenoProfessional Member8/30/2018
Deanna KlemesrudProfessional Member8/30/2018
Spencer SolanoYoung Professional8/30/2018