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These industry professionals have made the informed choice to put the Power of TAPPI connections to work in their careers. As our newest members, their companies also benefit thanks to the wealth of scientific research, industry information and educational opportunities they can now access 24/7 to help do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

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Gustavo R. AlonsoProfessional Member9/30/2022
William KohlProfessional Member9/30/2022
Mark StaeProfessional Member9/30/2022
Matt J. ChuzlesProfessional Member9/30/2022
Cole MoakProfessional Member9/30/2022
Chris PelosoProfessional Member9/29/2022
Kumar NatarajanProfessional Member9/29/2022
Victoria SelbyStudent Member9/29/2022
Garcia IsaacProfessional Member9/29/2022
Chatha IbadatProfessional Member9/29/2022
Megan Hyejin C. LimStudent Member9/29/2022
Eric Michael FringsYoung Professional9/29/2022
Elliott AsareStudent Member9/29/2022
Dhamotharan AStudent-NW India9/28/2022
Farzana Nagore-GaniStudent-NW India9/28/2022
Priyadarshini RajasekaranAcademic-NW India9/28/2022
Troy DiToroProfessional Member9/28/2022
Michael GrodeckiProfessional Member9/28/2022
Pedro GallardoProfessional Member9/28/2022
Karunya AStudent-NW India9/28/2022
Saravanan DhandapaniAcademic-NW India9/28/2022
Ramakrishnan GovindanAcademic-NW India9/28/2022
ChidambaraMeena KStudent-NW India9/28/2022
Saminathan RatnapandianAcademic-NW India9/28/2022
Kavitha SAcademic-NW India9/28/2022
Geetha ThirumaniStudent-NW India9/28/2022
Jayavarshini VelusamyStudent-NW India9/28/2022
Daniel BorenProfessional Member9/28/2022
Vasundhara-Devi NandagopalStudent-NW India9/28/2022
Akshai Kumar PStudent-NW India9/28/2022
Kaviya SelvamStudent-NW India9/28/2022
Gomuki TStudent-NW India9/28/2022
Raghubir Singh Dahiya, Sr.Professional Member9/27/2022
Steven ThaxtonProfessional Member9/27/2022
Brad CelmerYoung Professional9/27/2022
Zhihua GuoProfessional Member9/27/2022
Richard Olthof-BergmanProfessional Member9/27/2022
Beko MesicProfessional Member9/27/2022
Yoran KonijnProfessional Member9/27/2022
Lynn WendtProfessional Member9/27/2022
Alex BrinleyProfessional Member9/27/2022
Samuel MetzenProfessional Member9/26/2022
Marklee LockieProfessional Member9/26/2022
Jeffrey JaworskiProfessional Member9/26/2022
Nicolas MazzolaProfessional Member9/26/2022
David OrtizProfessional Member9/26/2022
Benjamin FindlayProfessional Member9/26/2022
Graham MaheuYoung Professional9/23/2022
Lee FairhurstProfessional Member9/23/2022
Ariane S. FernandesStudent Member9/22/2022