Mechanics of Web Handling, The

Author: David R. Roisum, Ph.D

This unique book covers many aspects of web handling for manufacturing, converting, and printing. The book is applicable to any web including paper, film, foil, nonwovens, and textiles. The Mechanics of Web Handling is designed for product, process, and maintenance engineers responsible for web machinery. Through this valuable text, readers will understand better how to design and operate machinery to avoid wrinkles, web breaks, registration, guiding, and other types of costly web problems. 1998. 222 pages, soft cover.

The Mechanics of Web Handling is the third book in Dave Roisum’s Mechanics Trilogy.  Winding Machines and Measurements and The Mechanics of Rollers are also available from TAPPI PRESS.

About the Author

David R. Roisum, Ph.D. is president and senior consultant of Finishing Technologies, Inc. in Neenah, Wisconsin. He has nearly two decades of experience in the design, development and troubleshooting of web machinery and was the recipient of TAPPI’s 1990 Finishing and Converting Division Award. Dr. Roisum’s common sense approach to the complex science of web handling makes him a popular lecturer to industry and academia alike. His skill at translating highly complex information into practical reference has also served him well as a speaker at more than a dozen international conferences, as consulting editor for Converting Magazine and as a frequent contributor to TAPPI JOURNAL.

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Author: Roisum, D.R.

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The Mechanics of Web Handling
Mechanics of Web Handling, The