2016 Advanced Coating Fundamentals Symposium Proceedings, Flash Drive

The 14th Advanced Coating Symposium was held October 4 – 6, 2016 at the Innventia AB Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.  For more than twenty years, the TAPPI Advanced Coating Symposium (ACS) has been the preeminent forum to present and discuss leading edge, fundamental research in paper coating, surface properties, converting and printing operations.  Participants include the world’s leading experts including suppliers, university researchers, paper manufacturers, product development and technical service professionals and printing and graphic arts specialists.


The symposium brings together the world’s preeminent paper coating experts as they discuss successes, failures and best practices employed to bring their best laboratory concepts to commercial reality.


The proceedings contain presentations in these areas:  
Advanced understanding of paper requirements (including surface characterization)
      Converting for barrier packaging, etc., coatings for printing and functional imaging   
Advanced understanding of paper coating processes and structures  
      Chemistry of coating materials and interactions between the materials
      Coating structure and functional process properties
      Mathematical and computational modelling
Sustainability: Advances at the Forefront
      Sustainable components and processes (including energy saving, coating recycling)
      Sustainable products (e.g. bioactive and barrier coatings, binder systems)

Below is a list of the presentations:

  • "Nanocellulose Coatability on Paper in a Roll-to-Roll Process" 
  • "Application of a Coating of Co-Processed Microfibrillated Cellulose and Mineral at the Wet End"
  • "Cellulose Nanofibers as a Coating Material to Improve the Structure and Barrier Properties of


  • "Discrete Element Method to Predict Bending Stiffness and Cracking"
  • "Mechanical Properties of Free Standing Coating Layers: Bending and Tensile Properties"
  • "Crack Measurements of Coatings Based on Starch and Starch-PVOH with and without Plasticizer"
  • "Foam Coating"
  • "Modeling of Binding and Release of Antibacterial Compounds From Modified Cellulose Nanocrystals in

      Antimicrobial Coatings for Active Packaging"

  • "Printed Microfluidic Platform for Enzymatic Testing"
  • "Effect of Calendering and Coating Formulations on Conductivity in Paper-Based Electrodes"
  • "Active Packaging by Paper Coating"
  • "Measurement and Analysis of Holographic Paper and Print"
  • "Laser Processing of Graphene Oxide on Different Coated Paper Substrates"

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2016 Advanced Coating Fundamentals Proceedings Flash Drive
2016 Advanced Coating Fundamentals Proceedings Flash Drive

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