Matra Operator Training - Premier Paper Package

The Premier Paper Package is a collection of six self-paced Computer Based Training (CBT) courses developed by Matra Engineering for paper machine operators and maintenance personnel. This course combines operating technology, variables interactions, equipment design important for operations and maintenance, and process control. The Matra design concept is to divide the content into micro-lessons all of which are graphic-intensive with extensive use of animation used to convey scientific concepts which would otherwise be difficult to explain.

These courses are designed for junior level operators, however content can be added for more scientific explanation or advanced up-to-date knowledge through customization opportunities from the course developer.

Courses: (View Full Descriptions of Courses)
  • Approach Flow Systems
      • Headbox & Formation
      • Dewatering from the Fourdrinier
      • The Press Section
      • The Dryer & Hood
      • Wet End Chemical Additives

Interactivity Benefits:
      • Interactivity enforces commitment and focus by the participant. Employee engagement is thus guaranteed.
       • The participant is mentally prepared for each micro-lesson as he or she controls when it is presented by clicking on
          the Forward button.
       • Lessons can be repeated or a sequence of lessons can be reviewed at any time.
       • This 2-Way learning experience soon becomes entertaining which builds self-confidence and motivates the 
          participant to learn more.

Language: English
Training Time: 13.5 hours
ACCESS: Company License - Unlimited Users or Single PC Access.
Delivery Format: Memory Stick to store course contents and serves as a Protection Dongle.
Content Format: Animation with narrated interaction. 

For information on Company Licensing, course customization questions, and additional details, please contact us.

Annual License Agreement - Unlimited Users $4800 *
Annual License Agreement - Single PC Access $3000

can be installed and updated on your LAN (Local Area Network)

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