TAPPI Tissue 201 Operations & Runnability 

Online Course Description
This intermediate-to-advanced online course was developed and presented by TAPPI member industry experts. The course will help participants improve tissue quality and consistency, understand contributors to waste and downtime. 

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Learning Objective: 

Participants will learn reliability and maintenance best practices and how to troubleshoot problems quickly.

 Topics Covered:

  • Causes of machine runnability and sheet quality problems due to furnish, wet-end chemistry, stock approach and headbox set-up
  • Principles for effective cleaning and conditioning of forming and press fabrics
  • Yankee Dryer Operation including risks and challenges posed by steam systems, hood and creping
  • Problems and opportunities in the calender and reel of the tissue machine

Meet the Instructors 

Built-in learning assessments designed to reinforce comprehension.

Language: English
Training Time: 13 Modules, averaging 45 minutes per module
Delivery Format: Comprehensive videos and figure based visuals presented by subject matter experts.

 Certificate Available

Tissue Manufacturing Operations and Runnability Professional Certificate 
Completion of this Professional Certificate will demonstrate competency in critical tissue manufacturing knowledge, skills and abilities including: Improving overall tissue machine efficiency; Increasing production; and enhancing product softness and bulk.

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This course is available for Individual access and Company Licensing.

For more information contact training@tappi.org

Item Code: ELT-T201

TAPPI Tissue 201: Operations & Runnability
Item Code: ELT-T201