2014 PAPERCON Conference Proceedings Flash Drive

PaperCon 2014 was held April 27 – May 1, 2014 at the Nashville Convention Center in Nashville, TN.
The 2014 Conference had the strongest peer-reviewed program ever; the focus: “In Tune for Sustainability, Agility and Profitability”.

This flash drive contains over 100 presentations and papers presented throughout the conference and is now available on this fully searchable flash drive.

Management (PIMA)

PIMA sessions help you stay in tune with innovative management practices and industry conditions through expert presentations and panel discussions with mill managers, superintendents, and respected industry analysts. 

  • Leveraging IT Tools to Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Different Generation Gaps – Management & Relationships
  • In Tune for Safety
  • World Class Reliability
  • Mill Workforce Development:  Sustaining Agility & Profitability through Developing Employees
  • Lean Manufacturing & Graphic Packaging
  • Managing Contractor &Vendor Relationships
  • State of the Industry


The Coating & Graphic Arts Program offers insights into new developments and materials in coating technology and printing.

Coating & Graphic Arts Program

  • Best Papers 1
  • Best Papers 2
  • Advances in Materials to Improve Paper & Board Quality
  • New Developments in Print Technology
  • Printing Technology Update – Coating, Inks and Curing
  • Coating Process Industry Trends for Paper, Packaging Board & Specialty Paper Manufacturing
  • New Developments in Coating Operations Technology


The Papermakers Program offers three distinct tracks based on your interest: Paper Machine Upgrades; Product Development; and Stability, Agility and Fluid Fundamentals

Papermakers Program

  • Paper Machine Upgrades
  • Keys to Successful Paper Machine Upgrades
  • Paper Machine Vacuum System Upgrades
  • Success Stories
  • Drying Energy and Ventilation Upgrades
  • Chemical Injection Systems
  • Quality Control Upgrades
  • Upgrades to Improve Machine Efficiency
  • Focusing on the future:  Emerging Markets
  • Flash Points Powered by Pecha Kucha
  • Advanced Fiber Development and their Applications
  • Advances for Increased Profitability
  • Process and Quality Improvements
  • Process Chemical Optimization
  • Strength Additives for Packaging Producers
  • Improving Paper machine Profitability with Agile Controls
  • Improving Pressing Efficiency
  • Applications in Papermaking
  • Flexible Applications of Sheet Quality Measurements
  • Paper machine Clothing in Papermaking
  • Innovations in Web-Imaging Systems
  • Wet End Optimization
  • Fundamentals of Refining Headbox and Forming
  • Improving Sustainability with QCS Lifestyle Management

Also included:

  • Tissue 360° Forum
  • New Technology Showcase
  • OpEx Reliability Seminar
  • Recycled Paperboard - RPTA P-T Seminar
  • NETInc - Innovative Nonwovens Conference 

PaperCon is designed by industry professionals, bringing together CEOs, mill managers, superintendents, scientists, process engineers and suppliers for the largest pulp and paper technical program in the world. No other event provides such a comprehensive program, networking opportunities, and exhibits among such a distinguished group of industry leaders.

Member: $74 List: $111

Item Code: PAPERFD-14

2014 PAPERCON Conference Proceedings Flash Drive
2014 PAPERCON Conference Proceedings Flash Drive

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