Corrugator Bonding: A TAPPI Press Anthology of Published Papers, Second Edition

Edited by: William O. Kroeschell

Back in print for the first time in over 10 years! This is a revision of the 1997 TAPPI PRESS Anthology of the same title. This anthology includes the work of researchers around the world on corrugator bonding and gives a better understanding of research findings on the properties of linerboard and corrugating medium as well as the variables that contribute to improved bonding.  2016. 109 pages, soft cover.

Featuring papers and citings on:
▪ Glueability at the Corrugator ▪ Analysis of the Glue Lines in Corrugated Board ▪ Bonding on the Corrugator: The Energy Aspects ▪ Bond Setting in the Corrugating Operation ▪ Physical Aspects of Single-Facer Operation ▪ Gluing Corrugating Medium and Linerboard Together on the Corrugator ▪ Development of Green-Bond Strength in the Single-Facer ▪ The Effect of Box Plant Operations on Corrugated Board Edge Crush Test ▪ Boding on the Corrugator: The Myth of Penetration-Brittle Bonds ▪ Process Technology-The Double-Faced Bond ▪ Double-Backer Bonding Technology ▪ The Effects of Box Plant operations on Corrugated Board Edge Crush Test Development of Green-Bond Strength in the Single-Facer: Part 2

"The Corrugator Bonding Anthology is an unsurpassed resource for anyone who wants an introduction as well as insight into the corrugated world.  It will never be outdated." -  Jon Porter, Senior Instructor/Process Specialist, JPorter Consulting

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Author: Kroeschell, W.O.

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Corrugator Bonding: A TAPPI PRESS Anthology of Published Pa
Corrugator Bonding: A TAPPI PRESS Anthology of Published Papers, Second Edition

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