Paper Machine Quality Control Systems - Volume 1: Measurement Systems and Product Variability

Authors: Kerry Figiel, John Gill, Ross MacHattie, Seyhan Nuyan, Jack Tippett

This book describes in detail the measurement technology used in Quality Control Systems (QCS). Individual chapters are devoted to the five most prevalent QCS measurements (Basis Weight, Moisture, Caliper, Ash and Color) in the paper industry. Each of these chapters covers the physical principles involved in each measurement, sensor designs, various methods of implementation and influence factors. A somewhat lighter coverage is given to ten other QCS measurements that do not have such a broad installation base. Common issues that impact all sensors are explained, including how sensor performance is measured and reported, the impact of scanning process, filtering, scanner designs and construction, and sensor calibration and correlation. Statistical methods are covered in depth from discrete one-dimensional variability to multi-dimensional variability.  Guidance is provided for using these statistical methods to locate the sources of variability in the paper process. This book was written by the Quality Control Systems Education Common Interest Group of the Process Control Division.

This text is also available as an e-book, or as part of a convenient bundle of both print and e-book formats.

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Author: Figiel, Kerry

Item Code: 0101R328

Paper Machine Quality Control Systems - Volume 1:
Paper Machine Quality Control Systems - Volume 1: Measurement Systems and Product Variability

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