Brownstock Washing Fundamentals and Practices, Print

Editor: Peter W. Hart & Michael T. Brown 

Brownstock washing is the heart of kraft pulp mill operation.  Each system needs to be completely understood from a theoretical and fundamental perspective.  This book reviews current state-of-the-art methods for designing and operating brownstock washing systems, including different types of washers and methods for troubleshooting these washer systems.  Current types of instrumentation and process control of washing systems are also highlighted. Topics covered include:

•  Brownstock Washing 
•  Washer Control Strategy
•  Fundamentals of Washing
•  Impact of Washing on other areas of the mill
•  Troubleshooting

In addition to the pulp manufacturing workforce, the editors highly recommend this publication for university faculty and students as it is designed to be a tool for industry engineers. Today’s young engineers in the industry may not have had formal education and training due to omission of the subject from many curricula. 

Brownstock Washing Fundamentals and Practices is a technical publication, with 21 experts in the field contributing, to provide knowledge for pulp mill employees at any level; general, beginner, intermediate or advanced.

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Brownstock Washing Fundamentals and Practices
Brownstock Washing Fundamentals and Practices