Make Paper Products Stand Out

Strategic Use of Wet End Chemical Additives

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Edited by:  Martin A. Hubbe and Scott Rosencrance  

Now more than ever, paper technologists are motivated to differentiate their products and better meet the paper performance needs of their customers. The goal of Make Paper Products Stand Out is to help those working within our industry to learn to use functional additives as a tool to gain competitive advantages.  

The properties of paper can be changed significantly by the addition of relatively small amounts of papermaking additives such as dyes, hydrophobic sizing agents, dry strength agents, and wet-strength agents. Such agents can markedly affect attributes of the paper product, including color, brightness, opacity, resistance to fluids, liquid absorption or holdout characteristics, as well as a wide range of strength attributes. Learn how to use these functional additives as a way to leverage your investments and fine-tune your products with the book Make Paper Products Stand Out.

This book is designed to help you:

  • Consider strategies to achieve differentiation of paper products to meet different performance requirements.
  • Learn the principles by which different papermaking additives work and how they can add value to your paper products.
  • Review strategies that can be employed to achieve paper product specifications with greater reliability.
  • Consider ways to innovate, including novel approaches to address some customers’ new needs.
  • Learn about a variety of “functional additives.” 

Make Paper Products Stand Out needs to be in your collection! 
This book will be of interest to papermaking technologists, managers, entrepreneurs, product developers and marketers, as well as university faculty and students at a range of levels. 

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Make Paper Products Stand Out
Make Paper Products Stand Out; Strategic Use of Wet End Chemical Additives

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