Optimizing Machine Efficiency Through Fibre Quality Management, 2006 Papermaker’s Conference


In order to stay competitive in today’s global markets, it is imperative that Canadian pulp and paper producers provide their customer with a higher quality product, at a competitive price. A cost effective way to obtain this objective, is to reduce variability. The objective of this work was to determine the potential of fibre quality measurements to optimize final product quality and to reduce the frequency of downgraded product, in an unbleached sack Kraft mill. The results of this report show that multiblock PLS is a useful tool for identifying sources of variability in a pulp and paper mill. Based on the relationships identified between fibre quality and product quality for the mill in this study, a fibre quality optimization strategy was implemented resulting in a significant increase in total tear strength and an 85% reduction in downgraded product.

Author: Andrea Hagedorn, José-Antonio Orccotoma, Peter Schueler, Bob Snow, and Juha Jarvinen
Optimizing Machine Efficiency Through Fibre Quality Manageme
Optimizing Machine Efficiency Through Fibre Quality Management, 2006 Papermaker’s Conference

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