Proven Solutions for Pulp and Paper – A History of Managing Corrosion with FRP Equipment, 2015 PEERS Conference

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A variety of material solutions are available today to construct vessels, piping, bleach towers, tanks, washer drums, drum covers, hoods, ducts, and scrubbers for the demanding environments found in today’s pulp and paper mills.  Many have been time tested over decades of service, but fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) in particular, has risen above all others in terms of reliability, performance, length of service, and economy.  This paper will outline how FRP outperforms nickel alloys and other materials in a number of processes.  In particular, it will illustrate how to design, assemble and maintain a FRP system to deliver its best performance and avoid costly mistakes.  Details of ASTM C-581 corrosion testing and data that compares the performance of FRP to other materials will be reviewed.  Case histories for process equipment at pulp and paper mills will be presented.  These case histories confirm material selection, design criteria, and economical performance of FRP equipment in real world environments. 

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Author: Kevin Lambrych and Alex Thibodeau
Proven Solutions for Pulp and Paper • A History of Managing
Proven Solutions for Pulp and Paper • A History of Managing Corrosion with FRP Equipment, 2015 PEERS Conference

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