Where RCM Fits in the Maintenance Program, Paper360º May/June 2018

For more than a decade now, I have worked with the concepts of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM). RCM was spawned from a government and industry partnership to research traditional preventive maintenance techniques and their effective-ness. In a nutshell, what came out of this partnership was the development of a maintenance strategy process known as RCM. This strategy is about providing the lowest-cost maintenance program that ensures our assets perform to our desired levels of safety, environmental integrity, quality, and productivity.

From my beginnings as a student of RCM, to achieving practitioner level, I have learned a lot about how, when, and where RCM should be applied. RCM is often viewed as the pinnacle or the very top system for developing a maintenance program. As such, RCM is at or near the top of many organizations’ “pyramid of reliability.” While RCM does deserve a place near the top of the pyramid, just placing it there short-changes its true potential (Fig. 1). This article is focused on why and where RCM fits within the reliability and maintenance structure. 

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Where RCM Fits in the Maintenance Program, Paper360º May/Jun
Where RCM Fits in the Maintenance Program, Paper360º May/June 2018
Author: Jay Shellogg