Leadership in Maintenance, Paper360º May/June 2018

News of Sweden’s recently reinstated mandatory military training took me back to the early 1990s. My generation grew up during the Cold War, and everyone had to do military duty, or alternatively spend a year in prison.

The first day, I and 40 other boots sat on the sunny lawn at Army Base A3 waiting for the major. I had managed to switch a 15-month Air Force stint to 12 months in the artillery, closer to my university and girlfriend.

Because the military training was compulsory, and Sweden held the world record in peace (more than 200 years), and we were paid the equivalent of US$4 per day, I felt entitled to do as little as possible. Unlike in the US, Swedish military was purely defense. My plan was to take it easy for 12 months. After all, my goal was to become an engineer; military training was just a bump in the road. Most of us on that lawn in 1990 had the same attitude. 

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Leadership in Maintenance, Paper360º May/June 2018
Leadership in Maintenance, Paper360º May/June 2018
Author: Tor Idhammar