Production of pulps with an extremely high fines content for use as strength agent, 18PaperCon

The objective was to optimize the production of fines-enriched pulp (FE-pulp) from chemical pulp. The first trial was a continuous production of FE-pulp with unbleached and bleached never-dried softwood. The pulp was refined using a JC00 equipped with SF filling, and screened with a micro-perforated screen basket with 250 µm diameter holes, but the produced FE-pulp got low concentration, below 3 g/l. The second trial aimed at optimised conditions, using dried bleached softwood. Three fillings, microbar, AA and FF were evaluated in a JC01 refiner, where microbar was most energy efficient. Microbar and AA reached targeted FE-pulp concentration, 10 g/l. The refined pulps were screened with different hole diameters, where, as expected, larger hole diameters resulted in higher concentration but also lower fines content in the FE-pulps. The last trial, the microbar filling was evaluated for never-dried softwood pulp, unbleached and bleached. Now, the refining of unbleached softwood gave 3 times more fines per kWh/ton compared with first trial. These trials demonstrated the importance of the right refining conditions regarding effect of refiner and type of filling to achieve glue-pulp with high enough fines content. With the right conditions, it was possible to produce FE-pulp with high concentration at moderate energy consumption. 

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Author: Elisabeth Björk, Mikael Bouveng, and Hannes Vomhoff
Production of pulps with an extremely high fines content for
Production of pulps with an extremely high fines content for use as strength agent, 18PaperCon

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