Sources, collection, and handling of noncondensible gases in modern kraft pulp mills

Application: This work presents a comprehensive overview of NCG sources, collection, and handling systems in modern kraft pulp mills. The authors hope the information will motivate industry to further reduce sulfuric odor nuisance emissions from kraft processes and examine possible pretreatment of gases in process units where these gases are generated. 
Author: Kirsi S. Hovikorpi and Esa K. Vakkilainen
Sources, collection, and handling of noncondensible gases in
ABSTRACT: This work describes and discusses sources of noncondensible gases (NCG) in modern kraft pulp mills and modern NCG collection from process units where odor emissions can occur if these gases are released to the surroundings. A mill-wide overview of NCG sources and collection in modern pulp mills is provided. Using modern practices, malodorous gases can be collected to the extent that a pulp mill is essentially odor free. The key to limiting complaint-causing odors is prevention of these emissions during process disturbances, equipment malfunctions, operator errors, and other unforeseen occurrences.

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