Paper Manufacturing Technology

Online Course Description:

This introductory/intermediate and comprehensive online technical training course (33 modules) was developed by Coastal Alabama Community College under a grant by the National Science Foundation to create a more technologically advanced operator workforce, and to address the retirements in industry by training more rapidly and completely all new employees, including new operators; and to fill in gaps in technical knowledge for experienced operators. The course focuses on papermaking technology, process variables, equipment, and terminology as well as enable the ability to interact more knowledgeably with process engineers, operators, and technicians, and the skill and ability to optimize mill performance. 

All courses were developed by internationally recognized university P&P instructors who have successfully taught the same comprehensive content to thousands of operators and others at hundreds of mills.

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Learning Objective: 
       • Increased knowledge of paper and board structure, properties, and tests.
       • Increased knowledge of how paper mill processes affect paper and board properties; the ability
          to maintain product quality metrics, and how to troubleshoot variations in quality.
       • Ability to apply analytical concepts and systems-approach thinking on a mill-wide basis. .
Built-in learning assessments designed to reinforce comprehension.

Language: English
Training Time:  
33 Learning Modules, averaging 50 minutes per Module
20 weeks (10 day access per individual module)
Delivery Format: Comprehensive videos and figure based visuals presented by subject matter experts.

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Recommended Textbooks: 
The Pulp and Paper Technology Advanced Workforce Training and Education Series, Volume 1: Pulp Manufacturing 
Handbook for Pulp & Paper Technologists (The SMOOK book), 4th Edition


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Paper Manufacturing Technology

Paper Manufacturing Technology
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