TAPPI Tissue 101: Properties and Processes Course and Professional Certificate    

Online Course Description and Learning Objective
This introductory online course was developed and presented by TAPPI member industry experts. A comprehensive overview of the manufacturing process and product performance properties is provided. TAPPI Tissue 101 increases participants understanding of tissue performance properties and manufacturing.

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Topics Covered
  • Introduction to tissue business and products                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Web-fiber networks and physical properties test methods
  • Fibers and furnishes, stock preparation and control
  • Wet-end chemistry and control
  • Forming, water removal and drying processes
  • Pressing fabrics, creping
  • Dry-end processes and chemical additives
  • Sheet and roll handling, and converting

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Tissue Properties and Processes Professional Certificate
Completion of this Professional Certificate will demonstrate competency in understanding tissue manufacturing processes and methods to improve tissue performance and manufacturing efficiency. 

TAPPI certificate programs:
•Assure employers and clients of subject mastery
•Follow a vigorous peer-review process, ensuring the highest quality results.

TAPPI is respected and recognized as an IACET accredited education provider and major contributor to worldwide standards for the worldwide pulp, paper, packaging, tissue and converting industries. Elevate your reputation amongst employers, clients and peers and position yourself for success by proving you expertise! 


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Language: English
Training Time: 14 Modules, averaging 45 minutes per module
Testing Time: Test consists of two sections averaging 47 minutes each
Test Format: The test is formatted with a total of 140 questions divided into two sections. All of the questions are multiple choice with one correct answer per question. 
ACCESS: 12 WEEKS, 7 days per course module, 1 day per test module. Must begin program within 30 days of purchase.
Delivery Format: Course is comprehensive videos and figure based visuals presented by subject matter experts. Test is made up of three separate testing segments supporting each of the three main course topics. Each test segment follows the applicable course topic.

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Tissue Properties and Processes Course and Certificate
Item Code: ELT-T101CERTPP

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