MPP Series: Kraft Pulping

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Kraft Pulping is the fourth of 15 CDs in the Making Pulp and Paper CD Series. Through this highly interactive, self-paced CD participants learn Kraft pulping terms, concepts, and processes.

Learning outcomes:
After completing the Kraft Pulping CD, participants should be able to:

  • Explain how wood chips are converted to Kraft pulp.
  • Describe the equipment used in the Kraft pulping process.
  • Understand some of the variables, which control the delignification process.

Benefits for Everyone
The series is designed for anyone who would benefit from a working knowledge of the pulping and papermaking process, including:

  • Woodyard, pulp mill and recovery operators
  • Process and product engineers
  • Sales and Technical support staff
  • New employees>

It will also be beneficial to experienced production or technical employees who need a more thorough understanding of a specific area of the operation, especially for cross-training purposes. New employees of chemical and equipment suppliers and paper industry consultants will also benefit from the series. 
The complete set of 15 Making Pulp and Paper CDs is also available.

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MPP Series: Kraft Pulping
MPP Series: Kraft Pulping