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Smithers Pira is known for their authoritative reports on market sizing, market forecasting, and assessing the impact of technology and trends throughout the forest products industries. Their reports offer instant access to this expertise and industry leading market data. Each report provides:

  • Forward forecasting of key enabling technologies
  • Company intelligence & analysis of customers or providers to each market
  • Qualitative and quantitative market forecasts by region, technology and end-use market
  • Market analysis by region, technology and end-use sector
  • Intranet license and searchable digital version

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Featured Report:

The Future of Paper vs Plastic Packaging to 2024

Consumers and industry are demanding action to improve packaging sustainability, with negative perceptions intensifying around over-specified or mismanaged packaging options. As a result, industry leaders, brand owners and retailers have made ambitious commitments to implement recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging in the coming years. This focus on environmentalism and sustainability is expected to lead to transitions in materials and changes in practices and habits.


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The Future of Specialty Papers to 2024

In 2019 global consumption of specialty paper grades will reach 25.03 million tonnes, up from 22.45 million in 2014.Future profitability in this sector will depend on adapting current portfolios to new demands and identifying key growth products for both established suppliers and commodity paper makers looking to diversify their businesses. This will include new demand for flexible packaging grades, decorative papers and from electrical component applications.


The Future of Functional & Barrier Coatings for Paper & Board to 2024

Volume demand for functional and barrier coating applications in paper and board packaging reached almost 3 million tonnes globally in 2018, with a value of $7.8 billion.


Ten-Year Forecast of Disruptive Technologies in Paper and Board to 2028

Drawing on an exclusive expert survey spanning the entire value chain Ten-Year Forecast of Disruptive Technologies in Paper and Board to 2028 Smithers Pira identifies the top 20 technologies poised to transform this sector.

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