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We are proud to partner with Smithers Pira to bring you up-to-date information on the forest products industries’ market forecasts. TAPPI members receive a 5% discount off all reports. Use promo code: TAPPI5

Smithers Pira is known for their authoritative reports on market sizing, market forecasting, and assessing the impact of technology and trends throughout the forest products industries. Their reports offer instant access to this expertise and industry leading market data. Each report provides:

  • Forward forecasting of key enabling technologies
  • Company intelligence & analysis of customers or providers to each market
  • Qualitative and quantitative market forecasts by region, technology and end-use market
  • Market analysis by region, technology and end-use sector
  • Intranet license and searchable digital version

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Featured Report:
Future of Functional Barrier Coatings coverThe Future of Functional and Barrier Coatings for Paper and Board to 2024

Functional and barrier coatings, which provide a protective barrier for paper and board packaging against water, water vapor, oil, grease, oxygen, and aroma, face ongoing change as governments and brands look for sustainable and recyclable alternatives. This report details important sustainability initiatives, material preferences, and emerging applications in barrier coatings that are shifting the direction of the industry.

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The Future of Fluff Pulp to 2022

In-depth data on supply and demand of fluff pulp, a specialty wood pulp primarily based on longer coarser fiber softwood pieces, including quantified pricing information projected through to 2022.

The Future of Specialty Papers to 2022

Specialty papers are usually higher value added products attracting a premium and increased financial performance for the producer. The global market for specialty papers is forecast to grow at an annual average rate of 2.2% over the next five years to 27 million tons by 2022.

The Future of Functional and Barrier Coatings for Paper and Board to 2022

This Smithers Pira market report details the types of barrier and functional coatings currently in use, emerging technologies, processing methods, and quantifies demand to 2022.

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