Pre-Calendering: Operating Experience on Newsprint, 1993 Papermakers Conference Proceedings

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PreCalendering, with resilient nips in the dryer section, can improve surface smoothness and print quality without blackening, mottle, or opacity loss, and can be adjusted to correct two-sidedness. The pre-calendering process treats the sheet at a high moisture content and high temperature, so that less dry end calendering is required to achieve the final sheet finish. This process can achieve many of the benefits of soft on-line calenders with simpler technology, and equipment which is much easier to install. Four installations are now running, including two recently started up on high speed newsprint and linerboard machines. Operating experiences and sheet qualities from the newsprint installation are discussed in detail in the following paper.

Author: Fink, R., Davis, K., Parisian, J.
Pre-Calendering: Operating Experience on Newsprint, 1993 Pap
Pre-Calendering: Operating Experience on Newsprint, 1993 Papermakers Conference Proceedings

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