'Chlorine' and Its Varied Meaning to the Papermaker, 1995 Papermakers Conference Proceedings

M. A. Dulany Group Leader Georgia-Pacific Corporation This paper is a brief clarification of some of the chemical states of the element chlorine, concenetrating on those forms that have the most relevance to papermaking in general, and wet strengthened paper specifically. Oxidized forms of chlorine (bleaching chemicals) have a detrimental effect on polyamide-type wet strength resins, and are used as repulping aids. In contrast to this, the same polyamide-type wet strength resins contain reduced forms of chlorine, referred to as organic and inorganic chlorine/chloride. What effect these chlorine sources have on AOX will also be considered.

Author: Dulany, M.A.
'Chlorine' and Its Varied Meaning to the Papermaker, 1995 Pa
'Chlorine' and Its Varied Meaning to the Papermaker, 1995 Papermakers Conference Proceedings

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