Corrugated Containers Waste Management Complete Series


Corrugated Containers Waste Management Series: DVD 1

Peel Waste
Concentrating on the unloading and roll storage areas, this 17 ½ minute DVD demonstrates proper roll handling and storage practices needed to prevent paper loss. The narrator covers railcar unloading, clamp truck basics and banding procedures and explains how these functions can cause expensive peel waste. The DVD suggests many helpful hints and practical solutions which have been accumulated by a team of experts in the corrugated box industry.

Material Handling
Material handling waste can occur when corrugated material is moved anywhere between the corrugator and final loading. It can occur when the sheet is moved from the corrugator to work in process storage, storage to converting, converting to unitizing, uniting to finished goods storage, or into trucks or rail cars. Waste from any or all of these material handling areas can account for a significant percentage of a plants overall waste totals. This DVD outlines ways a plant can control its waste in these areas through improved maintenance, employee awareness and operating procedures.

Converting Waste I & II
Converting waste occurs when board fed through the converting machine does not result in a saleable product. This two DVD course examines how this waste occurs and how it can be reduced. The first 35-minute DVD describes the proper preplanning and make-ready procedures a plant needs to make an effective on e box set-up. It discusses proper ordering of printing plates and cutting dies, mounting and cleaning plates, and machine maintenance. Part II, also 35 minutes, starts with the sheets arriving at the machine and follows them through the converter. It emphasizes the importance of good board quality and proper crew training in controlling converting waste.

Corrugated Containers Waste Management Series: DVD 2

Misalignment Waste
Misalignment is defined as one or more of the components of a corrugated sheet not being the same width after sitting and scoring. This 23 minute DVD specifies an excellence goal for reducing this waste. It then shows operators how to identify causes of misalignment problems whether machinery, paperboard or roll mounting. The DVD shows techniques operators can use to identify out –of-line machine components if the machinery is the problem.

Waste from Warp
This 32 minute DVD examines how to reduce waste from warp (the amount of bend or twist in a sheet of corrugated board). Warped sheets frequently create jam ups, quality problems, and down time, and are a major cause of overall plant waste. The program identifies the hidden costs of warp, the three different types and common causes of each and presents cost effective solutions. By following the procedures outlined in the DVD, your plant should be able to lower waste due to warp to achieve the excellence goal of .2% of tons consumed.

Side Trim, End Trim and Scheduling Waste
Side and end trim account for the second largest percentage of controllable corrugator waste. This 33 minute DVD examines the potential causes of this waste, as well as how proper corrugator scheduling can affect overall waste control. It explores cut length variation problems and solutions on mechanical and direct drive knives, the influences on side trim, and how to deal with each. A chart of excellence goals achieved by the top 20% of corrugated plans in the U.S. is included to help you establish goals for your plant.

Core and Splice Waste
This 16 minute DVD is designed to help a plant develop and implement a core and splice waste reduction program. It identifies factors which contribute to excessive waste such as how equipment is used and maintained, and the condition of the paper and its core. The DVD specifically covers roll stands, skewing devices, brakes, tension control, chucks, automatic and manual splicing. It suggests practical solutions based on the experiences of various boxplants over many years and offers guidelines to help your plant set realistic waste reduction goals.

Corrugated Containers Waste Management Series: DVD 3

Waste from Stops and Order Changes
This 33 minute DVD focuses on how boxplants can control waste from corrugator stops and order changes. It examines how operators can determine the frequency, length and causes of stops, and how they can take corrective action to minimize these stops. Then, after reviewing the types of order changes, the video explores the causes of order change waste at both the wet and dry ends of the corrugator, and recommends ways to reduce this kind of waste.

A Walk Through a Boxplant
During this 14 ½ minute tape, an analyst shows a boxplant manager all the areas where corrugated waste is commonly generated – from the unloading dock to the wet end, dry end and flexo folder-gluer. He then suggests solutions to common problems and ways to avoid typical mistakes so boxplants can reduce controllable waste and save money.

Waste from Bonding Problems I & II
This two part course focuses on how to reduce waste that results from bonding problems. Part 1, 27 minutes in length, covers the fundamentals of the bonding process as well as how to identify and solve the causes of bond defects related to paper and adhesive. Part II, 32 minutes in length, examines the role of the application system and heat in the bonding process. It covers proper machine adjustments, operating procedures, troubleshooting and testing. It also examines bond problems related to machinery and operating practices and specifies ways to correct them.

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Corrugated Containers Waste Management Series: Set
Corrugated Containers Waste Management Complete Series

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